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Turkish actors and actors: artistry and popularity

Turkey, the country of eastern traditions, consists ofseveral provinces, populated by friendly people. Culture goes back centuries, the history of the country's development knew both wars and long periods of peaceful creation. The population of Turkey is characterized by a special eastern temperament that makes people never lose heart, the natural artistry of Turkish men and women is embodied in festive events throughout the country, carnivals and masquerades, street performances and sports. In all folk festivals must take part Turkish actors and actresses, photos of which are in every house. On the first place in the cultural life of Turkey is the national cinema "Echilcham" (Green Pine), with the production center in Istanbul. The history of Turkish cinema can be traced back to 1896, when newsreels of everyday life were first shown, such as "The Panorama of the Bosphorus" or "The Parade of Turkish Infantry." Art film originated in Turkey later, the first film studio "Kemal-film" appeared in 1922, at the same time began to appear Turkish actors and actresses.

Turkish cinema today

Today, the Turkish cinema isan extensive network of film studios with modern equipment and well-trained technical staff. The management of film production in Turkey is at a high enough level, and films are shot according to American standards. Writers, directors and actors of Turkish cinema work in a well-coordinated team, all of them are united by one goal - the creation of interesting films. Turkish actors and actresses are talented people who try to keep the bar of their creativity at a high level.

Turkish actors and actresses

Celine Demiratar

Celine Demiratar, one of the most popular actressesTurkish cinema, was born on March 20, 1983 in the city of Antalya. The girl from the early childhood dreamed of becoming an actress. She, like all her peers, studied at school, while trying to find an application to her creative aspirations. Soon, Celine, who had a height of 175 cm and a beautiful appearance, was admitted to the city theater "DAHADA" as a performer of teenage episodic roles. And in 1999 the young actress participated in the beauty contest "Miss Globe Turkey", where she easily beat the rivals and won first place. Then, Celine took part in the same contest, but in a wider format - "Miss Globe World", in which she won the third place. Then the young actress was invited to the main role in the series "90-60-90", directed by Abdullah Oguz. The series was released on the screen in 2001 and was a huge success. After "90-60-90" Celine Demiritar during the period from 2002 to the present time appeared in eighteen more films.

Turkish actors and actresses photo

Tuba Buiukustun

One of the most famous actresses of Turkishcinematography is Tuba Buiukustun. Born actress June 5, 1982 from the city of Istanbul. She began her creative career at the school of fine arts "Christmas", and then continued her studies at the University of Mimara Sinana. The film debut of the girl took place in 2003 in the TV series "Sultan Makamin". In the period from 2006 to 2012, Tuba Buiukustun received four awards in different nominations. This is the "Actress of the Year on TV", "Best Actress of the TV series", "Best Actress of the Year" and "The Most Successful Actress". The best work she considers the role of the main character in the TV series "Asi". Also Tuba Buiukustun is known for the film "Ask Your Heart". She is among the top ten most beautiful actresses of Turkish cinema, popular in all Arab states, like all the best Turkish actors and actresses.

actors and actresses of Turkish TV series

Kenan Ymirzalyoglu

The actor of Turkish cinema Kenan Ymirzalyoglu, was bornJune 18, 1973 from the village of Uch, near Ankara. Currently he is a successful performer of leading roles, he, like many Turkish actors and actresses, is popular among the people. Being fully gifted, Kenan graduated from the University of Istanbul, Mathematics Faculty. As a student he worked as a model in a prestigious fashion agency. Kenan's film debut took place in 1999 in the series "Wild Heart", shooting which continued until 2002. In 2001, the actor took part in the contest "The best model of Turkey", took first place in it, and six months later won the nomination "Best Model of the World", where many other actors and actresses of Turkish TV series participated. Kenan Ymirzalyoglu has about twenty films, including two popular films "Twilight" and "The Way of the Dragon".

the best Turkish actors and actresses

Kyvanch Tatlutug

Popular actor of Turkish cinema KivanchTatlutug was born in the city of Adan on December 27, 1983. After graduating from high school, the young man started modeling business. By that time, he and his family moved to Istanbul, where he had wide opportunities for creativity. Career model developed successfully, in 2002, Kyvanch received the prestigious title "Best Model of the World", and along with the title a large number of proposals from the leading model studios around the world. But the childhood dream of becoming a movie actor did not give rest to a young man. Tatlutug sent out his portfolio of photographs to all agencies for the selection of film actors and soon received an invitation to the main role in the film "Silver" directed by Kemal Uzun. After a successful debut, Kyvanch Tatlutug became famous and popular, like many other Turkish actors and actresses.