/ / Actress Natalia Guseva: biography, film career and family

Actress Natalya Guseva: biography, film career and family

Natalia Guseva I remember many of the audience by the role of AlisaSelezneva in the film "Guest from the Future". Do you want to know where she was born and studied? How did I get into a big movie? Does it consist in a legal marriage? The answers to all these questions are in the article.

Natalia Guseva

Biography: childhood and youth

Guseva Natalia Evgenievna was born on February 151972 in the town of Zvenigorod near Moscow. In what family was she brought up? Her mother, Galina Makarovna, worked as a doctor-therapist. Natasha's father, Evgeni Aleksandrovich, was a simple worker. Soon after the birth of her daughter, the family moved to Moscow.

In 1979, our heroine went to first grade. She was sent to the capital's school № 692. Teachers have always praised the girl for her desire for knowledge and set an example for other children.

Acquaintance with the cinema

In 1983, in the school where Natalia Guseva studied,came a representative of the Studio. Gorky. He needed kids with good external data and correct diction. Among them was Natasha. Our heroine successfully passed the tests and was approved for the role of schoolgirl in the short film "Unsafe trivia" (1983). Then the girl first saw the shooting process "from within". She liked everything.

natelia gusev guest from the future

Natalia Guseva: "Guest from the future"

One day our heroine went to the studioon the voice acting of his role in the film "Insecure trivia." The girl has 100% coped with the tasks assigned to her. During the voice acting on Natasha drew attention assistant Pavel Arsenov - the same director who was going to shoot a TV movie "Guest from the Future." He suggested a little beauty to go through the tests.

External data, the manner of communication, character - byNatalia Guseva was ideally suited to all these parameters. "Guest from the future" - a film that brought our heroine all-Union fame and audience recognition. On the address, where it is registered, every week came bags of letters from the fans. And her photos were printed in popular magazines and newspapers.

Natalya Guseva is an actress

Continuation of career

In 1986, the second picture with participationNatalia Guseva. It was called the "Race of the Century". The girl got a small role. The image she created was bright and interesting. But he almost did not remember the audience.

In 1987, Natasha Guseva starred in the sequel«Guest from the future». The painting was called "Purple Ball". The directors hoped that the second part would "shoot" no worse than the first. However, the film did not make any furor. 14-year-old Natasha was already weakly associated with the Alisa Selezneva, who conquered the hearts of millions of Soviet citizens.

And in 1988 our heroine appeared in the film"The Will of the Universe". At the box office this film went imperceptibly. After that, the career of the actress began to end. She received proposals for cooperation, but they did not suit our heroine.

Study and work

Natalia Guseva is an actress by vocation, not byeducation. She never wanted to enter a theater college. In her youth she was more interested in biology. A shooting in a big movie girl was considered just some kind of adventure.

In 1989, our heroine graduated from high school.She submitted documents to the Institute of Narrow Chemistry. technology them. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Natasha successfully coped with the exams. She was enrolled in the Faculty of Biotechnology. In 1994, Guseva was awarded a diploma of higher education. Her career began with a research associate of one of the capital's research institutes. Today, Natalia Evgenievna is among the leaders of the company that produces test systems for the detection of various diseases.

Personal life

From a young age the guys courted the blue-eyed beauty. But our heroine was in a hurry to build a serious relationship. In the first place she was studying.

With his future spouse, Denis Murashkevich,Natalia Guseva met in 1987. He fell in love with a girl. The young man took long and beautiful care of our heroine. In the end, he managed to achieve its location. However, their romance did not last long. Lovers strongly quarreled and decided to part. Denis was taken into the army. Two years later he returned home. The same day the guy went to Natasha. He confessed her feelings and suggested starting a relationship with a clean slate. The girl agreed.

In 1993, the couple played a wedding.At the celebration were present only close friends and relatives from the bride and groom. In December 1996, Denis and Natasha became parents. Their common daughter Alesya appeared.

Guseva natalia evgenyevna

The couple lived in peace and harmony for several years.At some point their relationship began to deteriorate. Even a common child did not help save the family from destruction. In 2001 Denis Murashkevich and Natalia Guseva officially formalized the divorce. They managed to maintain friendly relations.