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Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna: filmography, biography

Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna is a Russian actress.One of her last works is the role of the wife of a successful merchant Valery Perechikhin in the series "Brothers for Exchange." Biography and the creative path of the actress is the topic of the article.

Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna


Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna was born in 1964.Her father was a pilot, his childhood passed in a small town in the Novosibirsk region. Lena from an early age attended the local theater, in which she worked as a grandmother. However, she did not dream of associating her life with art. She was sure that she would become a historian.

Dreams of acting career arose unexpectedly.Accidentally, passing by the Novosibirsk hospital, she saw on the wall of a small building an announcement about the recruitment of students to a theatrical school. On this day Elena's plans for the future profession have radically changed. And after a few days she went to the admission committee to file documents.

Personal life

Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna - the first wife of VladimirMashkov. With the famous actor, she met at the birthday of her student friend. However, in those days Mashkov was young and unknown. Soon they were married, but the marriage was doomed. Too violent and unshakable temper these creative people possessed. Shevchenko Elena Pavlova from Mashkov has a daughter Maria.

The second husband of the actress was Igor Lebedev. In 1994 they had a son, Nikita. Six years later - Vsevolod.

brothers in exchange


1985 Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna entered theGITIS. But the arrival in Moscow was not connected with the desire to conquer the capital. Prior to this event, his native city left Mashkov. Elena doubted whether to go to Moscow. She was not sure that she could pass the entrance exams to GITIS. In the capital, the young actress was in the power of an irresistible desire to be close to her beloved. Elena entered. After the termination of GITIS, the relationship between the spouses was completely disrupted.

It is worth mentioning the most famous paintings, in which Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna took part.


The picture "Armavir" narrates about the events,occurred after the collapse of the steamer. The main heroine is missing, and her father is going to search for her. After several weeks of fruitless wanderings near the place of tragedy, he finds it. However, the heroine of Shevchenko does not remember him, nor his former life. Partners on the set in the debut work of the graduate of GITIS were Sergei Shakurov and Sergei Garmash.

The second work in the movie was the movie "Black and White". Unlike Armavir, it did not receive much popularity among Russian viewers.

A year later, Shevchenko invited Tigran Keosayan to the main female role. The filmography of the actress was replenished with work in the film "Katka and Shiz".

Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna Filmography

In 1986, the ship "AdmiralNakhimov. " A tragic event took more than sixty human lives. Five years later a film appeared on the screens, the plot of which was based on these terrible events. The film's director is Vadim Abdrashitov. The main female role in the film was played by Elena.

Shevchenko and Mashkov

In 1997, the screens were released lyric New Yearcomedy "The orphan of Kazan." This was the first directorial work of Vladimir Mashkov. With his ex-wife he kept friendly relations and invited her to the main female role. In the film, Shevchenko's partners were such outstanding actors as Valentin Gaft, Lev Durov, Oleg Tabakov.

A year after Mashkov filmed his first film, Roman Balayan invited him to the main role in the film "Two Moons, Three Suns". Actor Mashkov's partner also became his ex-wife.

Shevchenko Elena Pavlovna is an actress, who was remembered by the audience in the following films:

  1. "Armavir".
  2. "Two moons, three suns."
  3. "The orphan of Kazan."
  4. "Brothers for Exchange."

shevchenko Elena pavlovna actress


Andrei Goncharov, head of the Mayakovsky Theater,and part-time teacher GITIS, graduate Elena Shevchenko did not plan to take to the troupe. However, after I saw the picture "Black and White", the decision was changed. In this theater actress worked for more than ten years.

When Shevchenko received an offer from Balayan,was incredibly happy. However, the film disappointed her. According to the actress, the picture was not as penetrating as expected. Shevchenko fully satisfied the next work. It's about the movie "It's easy to die." In the film, the actress played an episodic role, although before she was given only the main ones. Despite this, she considers work in the film of Alexander Khvan one of the best in his filmography.