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"The White Steamer": a brief summary (Chingiz Aitmatov)

In this article we will describe the story "White ship". A summary of this work will be presented in it. The story was written in 1970 by Chingiz Aitmatov.

Aitmatov white steamer

The following way begins the "White ship"(summary). On the forest cordon lived a boy with his grandfather. There were three women here: the grandmother, the wife of Orozkul’s buster, the main man in the cordon, the grandfather’s daughter, Aunt Bekei. There was also the wife of Seydahmat, a maintenance worker. Aunt Bekei is a woman, the most unhappy in this world, since she has no children. Orozkul drunk beats her for it. These are the main characters of the story written by Chingiz Aitmatov.

"White steamer". Grandfather Momun

Momun quickly nicknamed Grandfather Momun.Such a nickname he received for the continued friendliness, as well as the willingness to serve. He was able to work. And Orozkul, his son-in-law, although he was considered the head, mostly traveled around the guests. Momun kept the apiary, went for the cattle. Chingiz Aitmatov notes that he was all at work from morning to evening, all his life, but he did not learn to make him respect himself.

Boy's dream

Neither the mother nor the father did not remember the boy. He did not see them once, but he knew that his father served in Issyk-Kul as a sailor, and his mother went to some distant city after a divorce.

He loved to climb a boy to the next mountain and look at Issyk-Kul in his grandfathers binoculars. On the lake in the late afternoon a white steamer appeared.

white craft

Beautiful, powerful, long, with pipes in a row.Aitmatov's story The White Ship is named after this ship. The boy wanted to turn into a fish, with only his head, big, on a thin neck, with bulging ears. He dreamed that he would sail to his father and tell him that he was his son. The boy wanted to tell him how he lived with Momun. This grandfather is the best, but not at all cunning, which is why everyone laughs at him. And Orozkul often shouts.

Tale told by Momun

white steamer summary

My grandfather told a grandchild in the evenings. The description of her continues the work "White ship".

In ancient times, the Kyrgyz tribe lived on the shorethe river enesai. The enemies attacked him and killed everyone, only the girl and the boy remained. However, then the children were in the hands of enemies. Speckled Lame Old Woman gave them a Khan and ordered them to end with these Kirghiz. But when she had already led the children to the bank of the River Enesay, the Speckling Lame Old Woman, a queen deer came out of the forest and asked to give her the children. The old woman warned that these are human children who will kill her deer when they grow up. After all, people do not even regret each other, not so much the animals. However, the mother-deer still begged the old woman, and brought the children to Issyk-Kul.

They got married when they grew up.The woman began giving birth, she suffered. The man got scared, started calling his mother-deer. Then from afar I heard an iridescent ringing. Horned mother brought a cradle for children on their horns - beshik. The silver bell on its bow rang. Immediately the woman was delivered. They called the firstborn Bugubay, in honor of the deer. Rod Bugu went from him.

Then one died richer, and his children decidedset the horns of the deer on the tomb. There has been no marals since mercy in the forests, and there are no more. The mountains are empty. When the mother-deer left, she said that she would never return. So ends the description of the tale of Aitmatov. "White ship" continues the story of further events in the forest cordon.

Orozkul works with Momun

Autumn has come again in the mountains.For Orozkul, along with the summer, it was time for visits to herdsmen and shepherds - it was time to pay for the offerings. Together with Momun, they dragged two pine logs through the mountains, and therefore Orozkul was angry at the whole world. He wanted to settle down in a city where a person is respected, cultural people live. There is no need to then drag the logs for having received a gift. And the state farm is visited by the inspectorate, the police - they suddenly ask where the forest comes from. In Orozkul, malice boiled at this thought. He wanted to beat his spouse, but the house was far away. In addition, the grandfather noticed marals and almost came to tears, as if he met his brothers.

Orozkul Quarrel with Momun

Chingiz Aitmatov

"White steamer", a summary of which wewe describe, continues with the quarrel of Orozkul with Momun. Finally, Orozkul quarreled with the old man, when it was very close to the cordon. That all asked for leave in order to pick up his grandson from school. It got to the point that he threw the stuck logs in the river and went for the boy. Orozkul hit him several times on the head, but this did not help - the old man broke free and left.

When the boy and grandfather returned, they learned thatOrozkul drove his wife out of the house and beat her. He said he was firing his grandfather from work. Bekei cursed her father, howled, and her grandmother itched that Orozkulu needed to submit, to ask for forgiveness from him, otherwise there would be nowhere to go in her old age.

The boy wanted to tell his grandfather that he metdeer in the forest - they are back. But the old man was not up to it. Again the boy left in the imaginary world, began to beg the deer mother to bring the cradle on the horns of Orozkulu and Bekei.

People came for the forest

In the meantime, people arrived at the cordon beyond the forest.While they were pulling out a log, grandfather Momun followed Orozkul like a faithful dog. Arrivals also noticed marals. These animals, apparently, were from the reserve, not scared.

Momun kills mother deer

Aitmatov white steamer

In the evening, the boy saw a cauldron boiling over a firethe courtyard where the meat spirit came from. Grandfather stood by the fire. He was drunk. Never seen a boy like that. One of the visitors, as well as a drunken Orozkul, shared a pile of fresh meat, squatting by the barn. The boy saw a deer head under the wall of the shed. He tried to run, but his legs did not obey him - he just stood and looked at the head of the one that was yesterday the mother-deer.

The boy goes to the river

Everyone soon sat down at the table.All the time the boy was sick. He heard people drunk, sniffing, gnawing, chomping, devouring the mother deer. Saidakhmat told later how he forced her grandfather to shoot him: he intimidated that Orozkul would drive him out if he did not do this.

The boy decided to become a fish and never return to the mountains. He went to the river and stepped into the water.

So ends the story "The White Ship",a summary of which we have described. In 2013, this work was included in the list of "100 books for schoolchildren", recommended for self-reading by the Ministry of Education and Science.