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M.Yu. Lermontov "The Death of a Poet": an Analysis of a Poem

Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov greatly respected AlexanderSergeevich Pushkin and loved his work. He was one of those who considered Pushkin great talent, and in his verses the significance, strength and unique style. For Lermontov, he was a real idol and an example for imitation, so the death of Alexander Sergeevich made a very strong impression on him. The very next day after the sad events that occurred on January 29, 1837, Mikhail Yurievich wrote a poem that he dedicated to his great contemporary - "The Death of a Poet." The analysis of the work shows that in it the author even though talks about the tragedy of Pushkin, but it implies the fate of all poets.

Death of the poet analysis
The poem is divided into two parts.The first one deals directly with the tragedy that occurred in the winter of 1837, and the second part is an appeal to the genius killers, a kind of curse that sends the entire upper society Lermontov. "The death of the poet," whose analysis shows all the pain and despair of the author, is a direct charge of the whole society, which did not appreciate and humiliated Pushkin during his lifetime, and after his death depicted universal sorrow. Mikhail Yurievich understood perfectly well that he could be punished for such impudence, but he could not restrain himself and could not remain silent.

The poem uses the word "killer", and nota duelist or a rival. This is due to the fact that Lermontov does not mean the most Dantes, but the society that pushed Pushkin to such an act, fomenting enmity between rivals, slowly killing the poet with constant humiliations and insults. The author tells about all this in the poem "The Death of a Poet".

The analysis of the work shows, with what hatred andthe author treats all princes, counts and kings with anger. At the time, poets were treated like court jesters, and Pushkin was no exception. Secular society did not miss a single case to prick and humiliate the poet, it was a kind of fun. In 34 years, Alexander Sergeevich was awarded the title of a chamber-junker, who was awarded 16-year-old boys. This humiliation did not have the strength to endure and all this poisoned the heart of the great genius.

Analysis of the death of the poet
Everybody knew about the upcoming duel, but no onedid not stop the bloodshed, although they understood that the life of a man who, for a short creative life, made a considerable contribution to the development of Russian literature is under threat. Indifference to the life of a talented person, disregard for one's own culture - all this is described in the poem "The Death of a Poet." The analysis of the work makes it clear the general mood of the author.

Lermontov Death of the poet analysis
At the same time, as analysis shows, deaththe poet was predetermined by fate. Even in his youth, Pushkin predicted the death of a fortuneteller during a duel and described in detail the appearance of his killer. Lermontov understands this, this is a line from the verse of "fate happened sentence." The talented Russian poet died at the hands of Dantes, and the author of the poem The Death of the Poet, whose analysis clearly shows Lermontov's position, does not justify it, although he does not consider the main culprit of the tragic events.

In the second part of the work the poet refers toGolden youth, which also killed Pushkin. He is sure that they will be punished, if not on earth, then in heaven. Lermontov is sure that the genius did not die from the bullet, but from indifference and contempt of society. When writing the verse, Mikhail Yuryevich did not even suspect that he himself would die in a duel in just a few years.