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The series "Hotel Eleon": actors and roles

"Hotel Eleon" is a continuation of the sensational andfavorite TV series "Kitchen", which was broadcast on the channel STS from 2012 to 2016. We can say that this is a spin-off of a multi-part film adaptation (a side continuation of a famous film, partially or fully affecting the plot and the cast). We will talk about the actors and the roles of "Hotel Elean", and also find out what the extraordinary sitcom hides.

hotel eleon actors and roles

Story line

Once an experienced and sarcastic chefViktor Petrovich moves his team to the hotel Eleon, the life of the kitchen is changing dramatically. Someone fell in love, and someone decided to go to the free swimming. Chief Victor fulfilled his cherished dream and received a Michelin star. It would seem that for so many years a man dreamed of this reward, that now that she is in his hands, one can safely retire. However, to whom to transfer such a difficult matter, if his only successor failed?

The viewer sees how to replace Viktor PetrovichSenya comes and takes the post of the chief. The changes do not end there, and the management of the hotel also passes to the more inexperienced Pavel. Eleonora Andreevna, who previously owned the famous hotel, decided to dedicate her nephew to the office, who is only ready to receive money, but not control the family business. Therefore, Pavel hires an experienced Sophia, a manager from Europe, who is capable of lashing even such a freedom-loving manager as Michael Jekovich.

Все в сериале меняется.The former waitress Anastasia becomes the art director, and her husband - Konstantin - becomes the chief bar. The actors and roles in the Eleon Hotel make the series colorful and fascinating, so for three seasons you can see completely new faces that fit exactly into the film environment.

Milosh Bikovich

A new actor in the "Elean Hotel".The role of Milos Bikovich can annoy the viewer, because his character - Pavel - is a spoiled and incapable young man. His aunt (Eleonora Andreevna) kept her unprofitable relative, whose goal in life is fun, girls and carefree spending. At one moment, the owner of the hotel got tired of it and she decided that it was time to accustom Paul to work. The main task of the nephew is not to ruin the family business, but rather to promote it and attract as many clients as possible. In the worst case, Paul will lose everything, from brand things to housing and money.

Hotel Eleon Season 2 actors and roles

Milosh Bikovich himself in an interview noted that the role of the non-profitable Paul has a tendency to unfold. In each episode, the viewer can watch the transformation of a spoiled nephew.

Diana Pozharskaya

All the actors and roles of "Hotel Elean" are collected asselection One of the favorite characters, which previously did not appear in the series - the maid Daria Kanaeva. Actress Diana Pozharskaya plays the role of a girl who was the victim of a marriage swindler. Her character has lost all the money. To improve his financial situation, the heroine gets a job at the luxury hotel Eleon.

hotel eleon actors and roles

Diana Pozharskaya noted that she plays naiveand a pure girl who can easily believe beautiful words. Her open soul led the young girl to the ranks of the servants, despite the fact that Daria herself has a karate belt and could easily have achieved outstanding success in big-time sports.

Ekaterina Vilkova

The actress appeared in the series for the first time and not previouslyplayed in the sitcom "Kitchen". Ekaterina Vilkova is one of the most highly paid and recognizable artists in Russia, so her participation in a multi-part film adaptation caused an excitement from the audience. The girl plays manager Sophia Tolstoy, who was invited by Pavel for the sake of supporting her family business.

Eleon Hotel 2 actors and roles

Catherine Vilkova admitted that she playedpedantic woman adoring order. This is still the commander, so the actress was very difficult to understand and skip the role of the heroine through herself. Sometimes Catherine does not understand how such a character can fit the desire to control and control absolutely everything, and then maintain simple human relationships.

Grigory Siyatvinda

Viewers admire the actors and the roles of the HotelEleon ". You can look at the photo of Grigory Siyatvind below and immediately recognize the famous artist. We have already met the actor in the TV series" Kitchen. " has changed. Now the character will have to obey the manager from Brussels - Sofya.

Hotel Eleon Actors and Roles Pics

Olga Kuzmina and Victor Khorinyak

We are amazed, surprised, inspired by actors and roles.The Eleon Hotel series (photos by Olga Kuzmino and Viktor Khorinyak are located below). Some artists have already met the viewer in the "Kitchen", so it was easier to adapt to the new film adaptation. So, the famous heroine Nastya was able to take the place of Victoria and become the art director of the restaurant, although quite recently the girl was a simple waitress. Her husband, Konstantin (Victor Khorinyak), did not receive a promotion and did not become a member of the hotel’s management, however, new concerns fall on his shoulders, because the character is now in charge of the bar.

Eleon Hotel Season actors and roles

The heroes have never had a relationship before.work. Kostya and Nastya were constantly tested, such as jealousy, lack of money. However, in the new series, the couple is still waiting for more problems, and we just have to watch how the characters Olga and Victor will cope with their changes in life. For example, in season 2, the actors and the roles of the Hotel Eleon were faced with another test: Nastya began to manage the restaurant, and Kostya also came under her submission. It is so difficult for the hero to withstand the attacks of his wife, because at work personal relationships are far from the first place.

Vladislav Vetrov

New character in the series.He played the role of an engineer in an institution that loves alcohol very much, but at the same time is an irreplaceable master. Vladislav Vetrov plays Uncle Borya, a simple peasant who treats those around him with warmth and care. As Vetrov himself admits, the role is very similar to the personality of the actor. The hero is reliable, always comes to the rescue and is ready to do everything to correct the situation. However, the character has one bad trait - alcohol addiction, which Sofia Tolstaya decided to fight - the new hotel manager.

Hotel Eleon Actors and Roles Pics

Elena Ksenofontova

Elena Ksenofontova known to the viewer as EleanorAndreevna, or the owner of the famous institution in Moscow. The actress appears only occasionally in all three seasons. The actors and the roles of the Hotel Eleon have always amazed the audience, but Eleonora Andreevna is beloved by the fans. The reason is simple: Elena Ksenofontova plays an imperious and fatal woman who knows exactly what she wants.

As the actress herself admits, her heroine is tired ofconstant problems and the inability to build your own personal happiness. That is why she transfers all power in the hands of her nephew, while adjusting her life.

Natalya Schukina

Another new actress who took part inserial film adaptation of "Hotel Eleon". She played the maid Valentina - wayward, passionate and passionate. It is Natalia's heroine who helps Uncle Bore to fight alcohol, controls the work of all the servants, but at the same time is not ashamed to steal cosmetics (shampoo, hair balm). Natalia Shchukina admits that it is difficult to play a woman who cannot make the right choice. Her character is between two fires and does not know in which of them happiness will overtake her. Perhaps Valentina should believe in the innocence of the hotel engineer or, conversely, indulge in passion with a rich man.

TV series Hotel Eleon actors and roles

Full-length picture

Many ask questions:"Will there be a movie" Eleon Hotel "? Will the actors and roles be the same as in the series?" The reason for such an interest is that several films about the "Kitchen" have already been released, headed by chef Viktor Petrovich. So, in 2017, the Last Battle film was released, where the whole team took part in an important culinary test, and then prepared dishes for the President of Russia. Will there be a film about the harsh weekdays of the hotel? The creators of the series, Eduard Iloyan, Anton Fedotov, Vitaly Shlyappo, are tactfully silent about this.

movie hotel eleon actors and roles

Now you have met with actors and roles."Eleon Hotel". Season 2 - the most memorable and colorful. Along with the popular "Kitchen", this spin-off every week draws millions of viewers to the screen. And each of the fans gained life experience, comparing their actions with the actions of their favorite characters.

"Eleon Hotel" - one of the best RussianTV shows that are adapted for many foreign countries. To date, viewers admire the wonderful acting of a sitcom, non-standard plot and eternal sarcastic humor. Well, all we have to do is sit back, turn on the TV and enjoy everyday life in the famous Moscow hotel Eleon.