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Who is the player, or what is the dealer

Many are interested in the question of what a croupier is.Immediately answer that this is a person who can work in a casino or other cultural and entertaining institutions. However, with this profession, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. Let us consider it in some detail.

Functional responsibilities

To get a good idea of ​​what a croupier is,it is necessary to determine its main task. It is to organize the game process in such a way that the player sitting at the table is pleased with the time spent, regardless of the final result. The croupier (he, in fact, is the lead) can:

  • give out cards;
  • collect chips;
  • explain the rules of the game;
  • maintain a conversation with the client.
    what is a croupier

Personal qualities

What is the croupier, we learned a little.Let's pay attention to the basic requirements to it. So, he should be tactful, polite, accurate, disciplined, reserved, attentive, sociable and charming, causing people around him only positive emotions.

Appearance and code of conduct

What is the croupier in terms of his appearance? These are certainly such moments:

  • maintaining the highest degree of personal hygiene;
  • wearing a uniform;
  • for women - the availability of manicure and make-up.

Regarding the permitted jewelry:this casino employee has the right to wear an engagement ring, chain or small earrings. By the way, wearing a wrist watch is strictly forbidden, because, as is known, there are no chronometers in the casino at all.


Croupier in the casino under no circumstances has the right to enter into a dispute or scandal with visitors to the institution. If the force majeure situation does arise, he must contact the manager or the inspector.

dealer in the casino

Also, the presenter can not smoke, drink, usefood in the games room. In addition, he is forbidden to receive his friends and relatives at the table. Another serious moment for the dealer is a ban on going outside the casino during his working shift. In exceptional cases, for this, he can refer to his leadership. During the indicated break the dealer can visit the toilet, kitchen and a special room for rest. Any confidential information on the part of the dealer is not subject to disclosure.

A noteworthy fact: the staff of the gambling establishment does not have pockets on its form in order to exclude the possibility to influence the course of the game by carrying out various frauds with chips.