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Camplayground - what is this project?

On the Internet, as you know, there are manysocial platforms through which people not only do business, but also get acquainted, meet and even sometimes find a partner in life. The most popular social projects, such as "Odnoklassniki", "Skype" and "VKontakte", do not need advertising. The same resources, whose position in the list of their like is estimated in five-digit number, are compelled to resort to various tricks ...

One of these sites, perhaps, is the Camplayground. What is this resource that its owners can offer to users of the Global Network?

According to experts, this site is a fake.

What is fake?

The word "fake" (fake translated from English as "falsification", "forgery") appeared in the lexicon of earthlings long before the invention of the Internet.

In the network this word denotes a skilfully created copy of the main page of a popular and well-visited site.

To protect yourself from fraud, the user should not navigate through the links sent by e-mail, especially if the content of the letter does not bear any semantic load.

Camplayground.com: What kind of site?

According to reviews, the agents of the site under discussion -robots. Their goal - to find among the regulars of popular public portals of gullible people, to seize their confidential data or force them to send out spam.

How do Camplayground recruiters work? What does it give them?

For example, the Russian-speaking guy - the ownerpersonal page in a certain social network, adds an American girlfriend (in any case, so it is written in her profile). After the exchange of courtesies, the lady "decides" for frankness and confesses to the boy that she has just parted with her boyfriend and in connection with this complex about her appearance and suffers from depression.

camplayground what is it
To build trust with the new"Friend", the girl sends him a candid photo and informs that for further communication and exchange of pictures a young man needs to register in social networks.

As though between the case the girl warns that inDuring registration, the site may request some personal information, including the payment card number, but there is no reason to worry, since this is a normal procedure on the Camplayground, that it is free and does not bind you to anything.

camplayground.com what's the site
Further, "friendship" develops according to long-establishedscheme. By provoking another naive user to fill out the registration form and indicate all the information that interests the scammers (including the credit card number), the new "acquaintance" disappears without a trace, and with it - the funds stored on the card.

There are cases when a potential victimreported that the Camplayground is an employer site. Needless to say, that no money to a new recruit - an involuntary spammer - will never be paid?