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Bloggers of Ukraine: a list of the most famous and popular

Today, many prefer not to televisionand newspapers, and bloggers (or bloggers). In our time, there are such people in almost every field of activity. They talk about the latest developments in the world and comment on them, create master classes, share their life experience, or simply cheer up subscribers with cheerful content. Internet diaries allow the user to learn a new occupation without leaving home. Bloggers of Ukraine are popular not only at home, but also all over the world. You can read about the most famous ones in our article.

What is a blog and who are bloggers?

Today the blog is a very commonphenomenon on the Internet. To keep a diary on the web can be like the most common person, and a well-known person. You can create it on a separate site or in the "social network".

For many bloggers, an online diary isan excellent way of self-expression and, that's a sin to conceal, earnings. So they not only get acquainted with new people, but also become popular. The top bloggers of Ukraine are the authors, who worked daily on their content. In order to become popular, it is not enough just to create your own blog. It must be daily improved and regularly supplemented with new material.

Many do not know and do not understand how much and howway they earn well-known bloggers in Ukraine. Their daily earnings are at least 3 thousand rubles. To receive income, the owners of the page place advertisements in their Internet diary. Each view of it brings a certain amount of money. You can also receive revenue from custom content. However, as a rule, such material provokes a negative from the readers.

Popular bloggers are of interest to many.Often, young people want to create an online diary and become famous. At first glance, blogging is easy. However, it is not. Today there are two types of bloggers. Some keep a diary for earning, while others do it for fun. Before you create your blog, you need to familiarize yourself with the materials that will help you figure out how to make the site popular. It is important to be literate and educated. It should be noted that to date, there is a large number of people involved in the case we are considering. That is why it is desirable to create an online diary, which will be something different from others.

Anatoly Shariy. Scandal with voting

Ukrainian blogger Shariy is one of the most scandalous. His popularity is growing daily. Who is he?

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Anatoly Shariy is a Ukrainian journalist,who received the status of political refugee in Europe. It's no secret that there is a civil war on the territory of Ukraine. Anatoly Shariy, who is among the top bloggers in Ukraine, has become popular due to his provocative videos. In them, he not only tells, but also proves to his subscribers that in the news often untrue information is presented. He believes that Ukrainian television uses this technique to create provocative situations and form public opinion, which the government will like.

In the spring of this year, on the official website of one of theUkrainian channels, the voting was opened, which will end at the end of this year. On the page is a list of bloggers in Ukraine. Everyone can vote for any candidate. At first Anatoly Sharii was in the lead. However, in July, the button for voting for this blogger disappeared. It is worth noting that a week before the technical errors on the official page there was information about the competition, and also the first interim results were published. According to them, Anatoly Sharii is not in the lead, but other popular bloggers, although the activist had about 2 thousand votes at that time more than his competitors.

To date, between Anatolia and the blogger,which takes the second place, the gap is a little more than 2 thousand votes. However, problems on the site exist to this day. The given votes for some participants are not counted. Voting, therefore, can not be considered objective.

The choice of a national blogger on the official siteUkrainian television channel caused a huge number of disturbances. Some residents of Ukraine believe that it is necessary to urgently disqualify Anatoly Sharia and several others. They believe that these activists are cooperating with the self-proclaimed Novorossiia. Ukrainians and bloggers of Ukraine will be able to learn the results of voting already at the end of this year. The winners will be awarded in February 2017. But already now many accuse the TV channel of falsification of votes.

Sergey Ivanov

Украинский блоггер Сергей Иванов - сын бывшего deputy governor of Lugansk region. He started his online diary two years ago. In his notes he does not hide that he does not support Novorossiia and believes that thanks to the military actions the government of the self-proclaimed republic earned a lot of money.

Ukrainian blogger Sergey Ivanov
During the Maidan, Sergei helped the activists.Relate to a man in different ways. Some believe that he cooperates with terrorists. On his page in the social network, Ukrainian blogger Sergei Ivanov demands to allow the shooting of armed people who support the position of the self-proclaimed Novorossia. He claims that many of his acquaintances are puzzled by this. Sergei demands that all residents of Ukraine be informed that such actions do not entail criminal liability. The activist regards this as forced self-defense. Sergey Ivanov, as well as Anatoly Shariy, is included in the rating of bloggers who participate in the popular vote. However, the activist of the Maidan lags behind the leader of the contest for 8 thousand votes.

Dmitry Suvorov. Chaos on TV screens

Dmitry Suvorov is a famous political blogger in Ukraine. He often participates in the filming of TV shows and gives interviews. Many do not take it seriously, and it's not accidental.

Blogger Suvorov (Ukraine) this year was a guesttelecast "The right to vote." In the studio Dmitry claimed that he was Ukrainian. However, he has a Russian surname and was born in the territory of the Russian Federation. On criticism from the guests Dmitry said that his nationality is indicated in the passport. It is worth noting that in the Ukrainian document, which confirms the identity, there is no such graph. Experts immediately found a lie in the words of the blogger. After that Dmitry declared that he was Ukrainian in the heart.

Dmitry Suvorov, who is included in the ratingbloggers of Ukraine, was also a guest in the TV program "Meeting Point". In the studio, he said that during the Eurovision-2017, it is necessary to arrest all Russian artists who support the self-proclaimed Novorossiia. The blogger believes that for the "catching" of artists, the police will need to allow absolutely everyone to enter the territory of Ukraine, and then detain some of them. The political scientist, who was also a guest on the television program, said that it is necessary to demand from the International Organizations that they forbid holding a competition on the territory of Ukraine. He believes that such an event can not take place where the fighting is going on. The political scientist does not understand how one can celebrate something in one area and fight in another. He believes that this is immoral. And he refused to support Dmitry Suvorov.

Vladimir Boyko

Vladimir Boyko is not only a blogger, but alsojournalist. He graduated from the chemical faculty of Donetsk National University and worked as a mechanical engineer. Later he began to engage in journalistic activities.

Political bloggers of Ukraine in recent timesactively comment on all events related to the war in the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This causes the greatest interest on the part of citizens. In order to get a unique material, bloggers often independently conduct investigations and find out what carefully trying to hide famous personalities.

Владимир Бойко - блоггер (Украина), который presented an indictment to the father of Peter Poroshenko. The document refers to the fact that the man had already been convicted on 155 st. Such an article provides for punishment for the provision of invalid data on the work performed. In the indictment, we are also talking about 123 articles. According to her, the culprit is threatened with punishment for theft of state property. This is all the information that the blogger provided. However, Vladimir promised that soon on his pages in social networks will publish the continuation of this document.

vladimir smart blogger ukraine
In the most scandalous material of Vladimir Boykowe are talking about fighters of the battalion "Tornado". It is known that it was created in December 2014. The blogger claims that a week later in Lugansk region the Tornado fighters, who were supposed to monitor the order, robbed four houses. A little later they began to kidnap people and demanded a ransom for them. They killed, raped and mocked the captives.

Vladimir Boyko argues that the battalion "Tornado"was staffed by people who were for some time in prison. Ruslan Onishchenko was in charge of this division, he was convicted three times. However, the blogger claims that immediately after the rapists and murderers were punished, there was a huge number of people on the Internet who stood up for their defense, claiming that all charges against the fighters were a lie. It is worth noting that on mobile phones of fighters "Tornado" were found pictures that confirm sexual abuse of women, men and even children. Blogler is also outraged by the fact that the trial was open. All the materials of the investigation were demonstrated to him throughout the hall. And yet, according to many, they are innocent ... However, it is enough about politics and war.

Tatyana Voytko

Many girls are interested in fashion bloggers in Ukraine.Tatiana Voytko - from Kiev. Her blog is popular in many countries. The girl was leading an online diary from the age of 12. In her opinion, they were quite primitive. A few years later, she accidentally saw a fashion blog and decided to try to lead such alone.

It is worth noting that the fashionable Internet diariessufficiently small. Tatiana Voytko believes that this is due to the lack of finance for many. The girl herself can afford to regularly update her wardrobe with quality items.

Татьяна Войтко никогда не придерживается одного style in clothes. She likes to experiment and try on new, and sometimes even strange, images. The blogger believes that femininity is not a provocative outfit, but a set of intelligence, beauty and harmony in the soul.

 top bloggers of ukraine
Complementing your blog, Tatiana Voytko alwaysseeks to use only high-quality photographs and meaningful text. That's right, in her opinion, should look really good content. The girl aspires not only to improve her blog, but also to get as close as possible to the readers.

Tatiana Voytko prefers to buy clothesfor their images in online stores. The thing is that the girl does not like to make purchases in stuffy and cramped boutiques, in which a large number of people are present. It is worth noting that in the wardrobe of the blogger there are those things that were in use before they were acquired by Tatyana.

Ivan Rudskoy (EeOneGuy)

Bloggers of Ukraine have long been popular inmany countries. They earn a lot of money and have a large number of fans. Ivan Rudskoy (EeOneGuy) was born on January 19, 1996 in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The Gazeta.ru publication believes that this is one of the most popular video bloggers.

Ivan Rudskoy studied in Dnepropetrovsknational university, but never finished it. Several years ago he moved to Moscow. He created his video diary three years ago. To date, the blog of Ivan Rudsky signed more than 9 million people. According to rough estimates, the young man's monthly salary is about 20 thousand dollars.

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In the video blog of Ivan Rudsky there are the mostvarious directions. To attract the audience, he sings in karaoke, answers questions, plays games and shows easy-to-perform tricks. This year he starred in the film.

Anastasia Shpagina

Anastasia Shpagina is one of the most unusualbloggers of Ukraine. The girl was born and lives in Odessa. It has a bright color of hair and large eyes. Anastasia daily applies tons of make-up on her face to become similar to the heroine of the Japanese cartoon. The girl works in a beauty salon.

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В своем видеоблоге Анастасия Шпагина показывает, how to apply this or that makeup and makeup. Her fans claim that, most likely, the girl resorted to the services of a plastic surgeon. Shpagina herself does not confirm this, but does not deny it either.

Miss katy

Miss Katy is one of the most popular.video blogs among kids. The main character of the channel is the little girl Katya. In the blog, which is still being conducted by her parents, you can find the unpacking of toys and videos about the daily life of the child. Family travels often. The girl also regularly visits children's entertainment centers with her parents. Miss Katy has an older brother who is also popular. Such videos are of interest not only among children, but also among their parents. It is known that today the popularity of children brought parents at least 150-200 thousand dollars.

list of bloggers of Ukraine

Summing up

Ukrainian bloggers are popular in many countries.They not only enjoy their hobby, but also earn a lot of money on it. However, it’s not so easy to be a blogger. In order to become famous, it is necessary to make a considerable amount of effort.