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Details on how to celebrate people in Instagram

In the social network "Instagram" nowThere is one of the opportunities that a huge number of people regularly use. Now we are talking about tags and hashtags. These two functions are necessary so that other participants can quickly find your photos. The big advantage of this social network is that you can install a special version of the application on your personal computer, which will allow you to facilitate the work with this service. Few know how to celebrate people in Instagram, so today we'll talk about this in more detail.

Feature Description

how to mark people in instagram
Not so long ago in this social network appeareda new unique function, through which participants have the opportunity to mark people's photos. After you add a new photo, you will be asked to sign friends on it. In fact, this function is very convenient, because if you want to place your photos in other social networks, for example, on Facebook, then people who will watch the added photo will immediately be able to see your signatures. Know how to mark people in the "Instagram", should every user, because in this way, other participants will be easy to navigate. If the viewer has a desire to click on such an inscription, then he automatically enters the page of the user that was signed earlier.


The described function appeared relatively recently,so today we decided to talk about how to mark a person in the photo in the "Instagram". If you use this social network, then probably sooner or later you will want to get acquainted with this opportunity. The question of how to mark people in Instagram is, in fact, not complicated, to solve it we need, first of all, to understand how to properly install hashtags.


how to mark a person in the photo in the instagram
When you plan to add a new photo,where your relatives, relatives or just acquaintances are imprinted, and there is a desire to select them, then a special possibility will be assigned to you, which you can notice right when you load a new frame. The most interesting thing is that you can choose a certain part of the photo, then you need to enter the data or simply indicate a link to the person who is pictured in the picture. As you can see, the question of how to celebrate people in Instagram is very simple. If you do something wrong, you can always make the editing.