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How to create a menu for the VKontakte group: step-by-step instructions and recommendations

Quality page of the community page"VKontakte" is already half the success in achieving the goal for which the group is created. As the statistics show, the presence of navigation significantly increases the traffic of the page, and also increases the number of subscribers. A community page, where all the information is structured, gives the impression of a serious approach by administrators to the case, as well as their practical skills in managing the group and reliability. In this article we will talk about the menu for the "VKontakte" group, how to create it and make it more convenient to navigate.

Variety of menu for the community "VKontakte"

Now there are two types of menu groups"In contact with". Templates of them, of course, are on the Internet, and you can do everything strictly according to them. However, the result will not be creative and original, which means that it will not attract a large number of subscribers.

So, there is a closed menu and an open one.

menu for vkontakte group

Closed received its name becausethe subscriber needs to open it himself. To do this, just click on the link. A link can be any word, usually it's "open" or "menu." Although, some are sophisticated and invent original links.

The open is the post that has been fixed.There is a valid link to the menu. This type is still quite young, it appeared not long ago, or rather with the appearance of the function of fastening the post on the wall of the page. The open menu is the most effective for today, it is more attractive than closed. The first option is less productive, because group visitors can simply not notice a link to it.

So, how to make a menu in the "VKontakte" group?The answer is quite simple. To create both menu types for the VKontakte group, wiki markup is used. This is a very convenient tool, it allows you to create tables, graphs, format and edit images, work with links and stuff. However, now everything is much easier for the creators of the VKontakte community than a few years ago. In the social network, there is a visual editor that automatically translates all content into wiki-markup.

The open menu for the VKontakte group is now morepopular, and closed is practically not used. Therefore, it will be reasonable to consider in detail the creation of an open type. Next, you will learn how to make a menu in the "VKontakte" group (step-by-step instructions are presented below).

Stage One

At this stage, you need to select images.They will create a presentable appearance of the page. Pictures can be found on the Internet or done by yourself using photo-editors and drawing programs. The second option is suitable only for those who draw well on the computer and own a photoshop.

how to make a menu in a vkontakte group

The first picture is an avatar.The second (central) is an image-action. The avatar parameters must be at least 200 x 330 pixels. The central image is at least 390 x 280 pixels.

Stage Two

Open the group page and look for "Managecommunity ". The link is located under the front photo of the page on the right. Following the link, find the "Materials" section in the information, and then click "Restricted" at this point.

On the main page, click on edit in theline "Materials". In the appeared editor-form, specify the name, sections, and then necessarily click the button below to save. After that, go back to the page using the button in the upper right corner.

Stage Three

Copy the address of the page.The first row of numbers after the word "page" is the community number, the second is the group page number. It is necessary to know, thinking about how to create a menu in the "VKontakte" group. The address must be inserted on the wall together with the central image. To attach a picture, tap "attach" and "photo". Next, choose and paste. After click send - this will post the post.

Stage Four

Put the first picture in place of the main photo of the community. A record of this action along with the picture will appear on the wall. It's not there, so it needs to be removed.

Now find the time when the post was published (at the bottom of the record, in gray small symbols). Select the "fix" button. Then press F5 to refresh the current page.

It's all. When users click on the central image, they will open the group menu.

How to create a table in the menu?

Each administrator thinks about how to make a menu in the "VKontakte" group. The above instruction can help in creating only the basic menu. Further it needs to be improved.

how to create a menu in a vkontakte group

The table is very convenient in navigating through the menu for the "VKontakte" group. To create a table, knowledge of certain symbols is required.

  • {| means the beginning;
  • | + location in the center;
  • | - with a new line;
  • | | transparency;
  • !! dark cell fill;
  • |} indicates the end.

How to make links?

In the question of how to make a menu in the "VKontakte" group, there is an important point about the links. You can arrange them in different ways:

make a menu in a group vkontakte step by step instruction

  • Leave it just a link. For this, take the reference in square brackets [].
  • Make the reference a word or phrase. Open the square bracket, paste the link, after the link, put a | and close the square bracket.
  • Image-link. You can do this by following this example: [[photo54634620_58576 | 60px | page address]].

Tips for creating menus

Most often, everyone learns by himself, how to create a menu in the "VKontakte" group. Knowledge comes with experience through trial and error. However, beginners can still give several recommendations.

how to make a menu in a group

  • The size of the picture must not be less than 130 pixels. This will significantly degrade the appearance of the menu.
  • The width of the picture is no more than 610 pixels.
  • The wiki page is not capable of containing more than 17 unclosed tags.
  • When you set the width indicator, the height automatically changes according to the proportions.
  • Inside the table, you can create a list using the
  • In one line, you can place a maximum of 8 units of the list.

Among other things, there are special programs for easier use of wiki markup. It's both training applications, and real helpers who will do everything for you.

For example, the application "Interactive FAQ (beta)" allows you to test your abilities in wiki programming.

group menu vkontakte templates

Its operation is simple: the user is provided with a ready-made menu, and it is required to prescribe the markup code. In the end, the result is compared with the original.

The program "Wiki Editor" does not teach anything and does nottrains its users. With its help, you can make a menu even without the initial programming skills. An easy to use editor itself writes codes - the user only needs to manage.

Thus, create a menu "VKontakte" canEveryone who plans to use the group to promote their business or just for fun. The menu makes business promotion much more effective and attracts users to the group page. Thanks to the menu, the community looks presentable and more professional than its competitors, who do not.