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Alexander Gorny, blogger: biography and photos

Recently I got a lot of fameRussian blogger Alexander Gorny, famous for his notes and thoughts on the very famous opposition site "Echo of Moscow" under the name amauntain. Also his notes can be read in the "Live Journal" (Livejournal) under the nickname gornyi.

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What are blogs and bloggers?

The word "blog" is borrowed from Englishword combinations web log. It means a kind of online diary on the Internet, where every third-party visitor can read the notes and leave a comment. Blogs are basically the usual sites on which their owners conduct their personal records. About what? Blogs can be conducted on a variety of topics. People who have such an online diary, regularly adding notes to it, are called bloggers.

There is such a guy

In fact, Alexander Gorny is justalias. Many bloggers publish records not under their real name. In real life, his name is Alexander Gennadyevich Sergeev. Why he took himself such a pseudonym, for certain nobody knows. But everyone knows that Alexander Gorny is a blogger. Biography of Sasha also with seven seals. But some information is still known. He was born on March 21, 1980. Our hero is married.

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The web only knows that he is a blogger from Moscow andclassifies himself to representatives of the Crimean Civil Asset. Sasha has an active civil position and speaks on behalf of the public of the city of Koktebel. On the site "Echo of Moscow" Alexander left a pretty dry information about himself: the blog is from 2014, the city of residence - Simferopol, occupation - blogger.

What does Alexander write about?

Practically all of Sasha's notes are devoted to the Crimea.As you know, in 2014 the peninsula became part of Russia. Since then, this event has received very close attention both in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine. Alexander Gorny did not remain indifferent to the problems of the residents of the now Russian peninsula. Crimea and everyday life of the population are almost daily covered in its records.

Sasha's style of writing is unique.He as though mentally conducts the dialogue with the president of Russia of Putin, always in writing addressed to it. We can say that all articles are devoted to the only reader of the blog - Vladimir Vladimirovich. Even if Putin is not mentioned, all readers can guess what he means, or at the very least Sergei Aksyonov.

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Faced in real life with a bureaucratlawlessness in the Crimea, blogger Alexander Gorny, whose photo is presented in the article, somewhat changed the style of writing his notes. This became especially clear to the readers when they saw a letter with a piercing title "Putin, we are losing the Crimea!"

Alexander the Mountain. Echo of Moscow

As mentioned earlier, Alexander leads hisblog on the opposition site "Echo of Moscow". If a year ago he actively supported the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, he admired the changes that had occurred in the lives of local residents, but recently the tone of his notes has changed significantly. He often began to bring down his criticism of local officials and the state of the roads.

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When Alexander Gorny was traveling from Feodosia toSimferopol (it is 110 kilometers), then for 2 hours of the way I got into 3 emergency situations. As he notes in his notes, this fact even made him swear at mate. And how many tired tourists ply on the broken roads on their cars in these potholes, and what curses from them you can hear about those who should be engaged in landscaping?

Sasha obmateril activists of "Stopham" in Simferopol

In Simferopol with Sasha there was a small incident.He arranged a squabble with activists of the movement "Stopham". Our hero parked his BMW car outside the Council of Ministers building. When activists asked Alexander to rearrange the car to another location, he simply ruffled them, and even obmateril, as he was outraged by their request. Members of this movement thought at first that it was a former deputy of Sevastopol, Vladimir Struchkov. But the latter denied his involvement in the event. He motivated it by the fact that he does not have such a car. The incident was filmed by activists on video and posted on the Internet.

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Later blogger Alexander under the pseudonym Gorny admitted his involvement in the quarrel and noted that these activists themselves provoked the conflict. And the video is incomplete, on it only a piece of record.

Gorny filed a lawsuit

The Ministry of Ecology of Crimea plannedto hold tenders for the choice of the company, which in future will manage the improvement of the Quiet and Fox Bay, as well as Atlesh. According to Alexander, such activities of commercial structures will gradually destroy unique monuments of nature and protected places. And this is a reasonable conclusion. He accused the Minister of Ecology Gennady Naraev in promoting the interests of commercial structures in the territory of the Crimea. Gornyi said that during the week he visited the ministry and informed Naraev himself and his subordinates that the holding of this tender will not only cause material damage, but also cause a broad protest from the local population and the public. In response, Alexander and the Koktebel public were accused of having a personal interest in this matter. On Gornyy there was a dirty lie in the Crimean media. The blogger said he was ready to sue Gennady Naraev in order to protect his honor, dignity and business reputation. What did these actions lead to?

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Mr. Naraev is ready to meet with the well-knownblogger in court. But he also noted that every person has a biography, a personal file, a copy of the diploma, a passport and medical certificates. Information on these issues is on the government portal and in the personnel department. But he does not know anything about his opponent, except for a pseudonym and residence - Alexander Gorny (Crimea). The biography of this person is also unknown to anyone. Gennady Naraev would like to know personal information about the opponent: his name, where he works, as in the future will have to make several official inquiries about his activities.

What do the Ukrainian media write about?

After the annexation of the peninsula to Russia followsnote a rather pessimistic and depressive note in the Ukrainian media about the life of the Crimea and its inhabitants. In particular, the reason for this was the change in mood in his notes of the famous blogger. As noted by ukrosm, the "pro-Putin blogger" from the Crimea said that after the "annexation" of the peninsula by Russia, life is getting worse every day. It is reported that Alexander Gorny, who enthusiastically supported the events of 2014 in his notes, allegedly admits that the economic situation on the peninsula leaves much to be desired. Allegedly, prices for food and alcohol soared several times, because of this and unemployment, Crimea again will not see tourists, as in the past season. According to Gorny, "tales of crowds of tourists" are specially invented by local authorities. They do this in order to get the budget out of Moscow.

Alexander's blogger

Also, Ukrainian media picked upAlexander's friction with local officials and presented the information in such a light that he is very dissatisfied with the authorities and constantly criticizes the work of the administration of the Crimea.

Alexander Gorny was offered the post of mayor of Koktebel

Sasha was invited to take part in thecompetition for the post of Mayor of Koktebel. It came personally from the head of the administration of Theodosia Stanislav Krysin. As the blogger writes, he arrived in Koktebel 8 years ago, that's why the village itself and its problems are very well known. But, unfortunately, he is afraid to take on such a great responsibility. Blogger Alexander Gorny believes that the village is a death for any mayor. If you analyze the activities of the previous leaders of Koktebel, then everyone suffered an unenviable, if not tragic, fate. One was put in prison for a bribe, the other, having got into such a serpentarium, decided to resign at his own request, the third was found hanged, the fourth was again put. That's what he is, the hero of our article is Alexander Gorny! Biography of his past years, though little known, but in the present tense, it is very eventful.