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Torrent error "Access denied": reasons for how to fix and recommendations

Certainly there is no need to talk about what istorrent. On each second computer is installed one or another torrent client, every second user at least once used it to download a file, and every third uses torrent resources on a regular basis. And so for many, the torrent error "Access denied" is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon.

Why is this happening

The reasons for this error can beseveral. Depending on this, the ways of solving it will differ. However, the common for almost all cases is the error associated, in one way or another, with obtaining access rights from either the torrent client or the user.

torrent error denied access

So, why is the "Access denied" error in the torrent:

  • the client itself does not have sufficient rights to perform any actions on the file;
  • The user does not have sufficient rights for operations with files;
  • antivirus blocks the work of the torrent client;
  • lack of free disk space;
  • The folder for downloading files is not set correctly.

The torrent client does not have sufficient rights

The most common reason fortorrent error "Access denied", are insufficient application rights to execute file saving. To avoid this error, you need to give the program the necessary administration rights. More simply, run it as an administrator.

why the torrent is denied access

Unfortunately, the Windows operating system does notallows you to flexibly manage the rights of users and applications associated with them, as in the Linux OS. Therefore, the only solution in this case is that the torrent error "Access denied" is not repeated, is:

  • right-click the torrent client icon;
  • In the dialog box that opens, select the "Run as administrator" item.

But in order not to repeat this action every time you start, you can:

  • right-click on the client icon;
  • select the "Properties" item in the context menu;
  • Go to the "Compatibility" tab and check the box next to "Always run as administrator".

The user does not have sufficient rights

Another common reason for crawling outTorrent error "Access denied", is the lack of administrator rights for the user. To resolve this issue, you must log in as administrator. Or check what rights the user has. To do this, you need:

  • open the "Control Panel";
  • go to the item "User Accounts";
  • select "Change account type".

torrent gives an error denied access

If you have a guest account or an "Ordinary" account, you must change it to the Administrator. Of course, you can do this only if the user has the privilege of the administrator.

Incorrect folder to save

If the computer says: "Torrent error:"Access is denied", it makes sense also to check if there is a folder that was assigned to save the downloaded file. As an option - the user does not have sufficient rights to work with this folder.

The solution is obvious:You should change the folder for saving torrent files or get the corresponding rights. How to work with rights, was told in the previous two paragraphs, but to change the folder for downloading files, you need:

  • Run the application itself.
  • In the main menu, select the item: "Settings - Program settings".
  • In the left part of the window, find the "Folders" item and click on it.
  • In the right part of the same window you need to find the items:"Put downloadable files in" and "Put finished downloads in". By default, the Download folder is here. However, if the torrent displays an "Access Denied" error, it is recommended that you change it to the user's own folder in the "Documents" folder.

Overzealous antivirus

Often an access error for a programmay be related to the fact that the antivirus is configured too aggressively with respect to third-party applications and blocks any suspicious activity from its point of view. Not an exception and torrent clients. That's when the torrent error "Access denied" can come up.

the error of the torrent error is denied access

To solve the problem, you just need to correctlyconfigure the "White List" of the antivirus installed by the user, that is, add an application for downloading the torrent to the list of trusted programs. Different antiviruses do this differently, but in any case it makes sense to look for this item in the settings section.

You can also try during the torrent download and completely disable the antivirus, but this is highly discouraged.

Lack of free disk space

Quite rare, but still it happens that the error of access to the torrent appears in case of a lack of free disk space.

writes torrent error denied access

The output suggests itself:It is necessary to clean the disk of all unnecessary or (if there are several logical partitions) to change the destination of not only the download folder, but also the disk. How it is done, it was said above.

Reset the application

Finally, the extreme way to which you canto resort in case if none of the above does not help, it is completely to reinstall the torrent client and it is necessary to clean the system registry from the "tails".

The procedure is as follows:

  • Start the "Control Panel" and find the "Programs" section.
  • Select the item "Delete program".
  • In the built-in list of installed applications, find the name of the torrent client, mark it and click on the "Delete" screen button.
  • After that, you need to clean the registry.It is extremely not recommended for a beginner to do this manually: the risk to damage the operating system itself is great. It is recommended to resort to the help of specialized cleaning utilities. For example, the legendary Ccleaner is perfect.
  • After cleaning the registry, you need to restart the computer and install the torrent client again.

Apparently, even if the error "Access is denied" appears when downloading the torrent, there are many ways to solve the problem.