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We master the subtleties of VKontakte: hidden friends

A large social network "VKontakte" is a very popular way of virtual communication. Users of the web resource are available a number of opportunities after registering on the site.

hidden friends
In addition to information about yourself, you can promote your ownideas. Users can publish content and distribute it with the help of friends. The more friends and subscribers, the more "like" and repost marks. There is also the possibility for users to flexibly manage the settings of "VKontakte". "Hidden friends" is an option that allows to regulate the privacy of the profile.

How to hide friends "VKontakte"

2013 introduced new features into the settings service, andimproved and added some sections. There was also an option, thanks to which not all friends can be shown to other users of the social network. "How to look for hidden friends" VKontakte? ", - you ask. It's very simple: they will only be visible to you, until you change this function in the settings section. This option is enabled by users for various reasons. The main thing is that it is, and this opportunity successfully solves some privacy issues of VKontakte. Hidden friends remain in your contact list, but become invisible to each other. Log in to your profile and open the Settings section. There will be a window with tabs in which you can put and remove checkmarks in the required positions, as well as choose from the drop-down list the parameters offered by the social network service. The "Privacy" tab contains those profile components that can be easily adjusted "VKontakte". Hidden friends will appear with you if you change the position "Who is visible in the list of friends and subscribers". From the list, you can select people you want to hide.

how to see hidden friends vkontakte

Restrictions in privacy settings

There are some features of the changeparameters of this option. For example, a list of friends that can be hidden from other eyes is limited. You can add only 15 users to VKontakte. Hidden friends, therefore, can not exceed this figure, although they say that this restriction can somehow be bypassed ...

Once you have defined this list, do notPay attention to the position below. It will regulate the visibility of the existing list of "invisible" friends. You can put "Only me" or create a list of those who can see this information. To make your page as functional as possible, review and configure all the items in this block, and then go to the next one.


how to hide friends in 2013
records on the page - an important part of the profile,so correctly selected parameters will not prevent the publication of publications on your wall. Think about whether you want the records to be commented on, and determine who will be able to do it. In the "Contact me" block, you can limit those who have the ability to write messages to you and invite them to communities, and also to adjust alerts. Settings of the profile and all its components will make your page an excellent resource for communication and activities in the social network.