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Review "Lose weight without diet."

Many people want to lose weight without using diets.But these many have not heard of a good application "Lose weight without diet." The concept is very simple - you need to record the amount of food eaten. Just look at the food you eat, and just finish with a night snack. The app analyzes the food you ate the day before, while counting the number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

First you need to download "Lose Weight Without Diet" from Google Play, while it is free ... almost.When you start the program you will meet a pretty redheaded girl who will repeatedly give different advice. There are 7 different sections: Nutrition, Training, Notes, Calendar, Nutrition Program, Health Products and Bonuses.

In the first section, you write down everything you eatfood - just enter a few characters, and select the desired product. And if there is no such product, then you can add it, while recording all the important information. It is best to have a scales handy, that you know the exact weight of the food.

Section "Training" will provide you with pearls,just write about your walk or cooking. Do not forget about training, because they help not only to improve their body, but also to open all the functions of the program. There is a huge number of different training programs, moreover you can add your own.

If you write about your mood and the impact of the program on your weight loss process, then it will reward you with several bonuses. You can also take a picture of yourself.

With the help of the calendar, you can monitor your ownmood. In addition, you can trace what training and what food you took in a certain period of time. Thanks to the calendar, you can determine what foods are high in calories.

If you do not want to enter a diary, alwaysyou can choose the best power system. the counselor will send you notices every day - how much to eat, and what exercises are best for you.

With a great desire, you can buy valuable products, hoops, skipping ropes and much more in the "Products for Health."

When completing the section "Power" you need to be correct, while you can independently evaluate the results of their training.

In order to open all the functions of the application it is necessary to collect as much as possible bonuses: for entries, visiting an online store and receiving water / useful products.

In general, you can consider "Lose weight without diet" is veryA useful application that will lead you to useful habits. You will definitely watch yourself, begin to train and eat in moderation. In addition, for owners of devices based on IOS, provides the opportunity to purchase the program.