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The Goddess of YouTube, or Who is Katya Klap?

Every year YouTube video hosting is replenishedmillions of videobloggers, hungry for glory and stable incomes. The sources of inspiration for the "newcomers" are the stories of those who managed to conquer the hearts of numerous spectators, make a name for themselves, make money, having won popularity and love of the people.

Katya Klap is one of YouTube's venerable stars,whose successful career is worthy of envy and admiration. Young vloglogershu called the "Goddess of Youtube", she is loved by millions of fans, muddied by competitors and ill-wishers, her name on the lips of many teenagers, her biography is filled with a lot of conflicting rumors and unflattering reviews. So who is Katya Klap: a bright, uncommon person or an infantile clown girl?

The first steps of the goddess YouTube

Kate Clapp (Kate Clapp) was born on May 191993 in the city of Moscow. The girl's father is a mechanic, the mother is an interior designer. The future star studied at the Moscow School No. 1122. Being a schoolgirl, the girl was leading a printed blog, was fond of photography and filming, studied the history and ways of earning on YouTube. Encouraged by the success of well-known bloggers, Katya Clap (real name - Ekaterina Trofimova) decided to create her own channel and started developing a future video blog.

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In 2010, a 16-year-old girl embodied herdream in reality, taking off the first video for a couple with a girlfriend called "Polylar Mouse". The first pancake, of course, came out a lump - the video turned out to be uninteresting and meaningless. But the goal-oriented Katya persistently moved forward, continuing to spread one video after another on YouTube, which gradually began to gain tremendous speed of popularity.

Honored success and glory

It is unlikely that now among adolescents and young peoplethere is a person who does not know who Katya Klap is. Of course, her name is familiar to many, but the biography of the young Runet star is not known to everyone. Comedy sketches, vlogs (videotapes), video diaries of the girl are filled with positive emotions, sparkling jokes, humorous reflections and ridiculous Katya.

Normal first video blog with an ordinary clowntwo girls Katya Klap then turned into an author's sketch show. A talented girl does not just parody celebrities and talks about everything that interests young people (reviews of books, films, confidential conversations, advice, pictures of her growing up, traveling, etc.), but also reincarnates in various images, reads rap and plays skits. Videos are released once a week and counted in millions of views. The development of the script, the execution of roles, editing and directing the videos known blogger Katya Klap engaged herself, professionally changing the footage, adding rhythm and imposing sound.

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At the moment, Katya has two channels:FoggyDisaster and TheKateClapp. The main channel -FoggyDisaster-was registered on August 20, 2008 and contains comedy skits, musical skits for stars, reviews of movies and books, interactive games, footage from their own lives, generously flavored with humor, fervor and positive, which is endowed with an uncommon YouTube star. The channel has more than 1 million subscribers and about 70 million views.

The second channel - TheKateClapp - was created 6December 2010 and collected for July 2014 more than 1 million 600 thousand subscribers and 139 million views. Here Katya puts out a video about her travels, marches to various events, answers the questions of fans and complies with their requests and wishes (more on this below).

Distinctive feature of the girl's commercialsis her kindness, optimism, love of people, self-irony and modesty. Despite the deafening success in such a young age, Katya managed to retain the best features. In every video she tries to put a certain meaning: humanity, respect for elders, love for animals, questions of self-realization.

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And so the answer to the question "Who is Katya Klap?""Is unequivocal: it is a multifaceted, talented person, eager to make the world a little better by promoting good mood and true human values. This is why it is very popular.

Separately about the sketch show "The Challenge Is Accepted"

One of the interesting creative directionsvloglogershi - the segment "Call accepted". The essence of the release is that the girl performs strange and sometimes ridiculous requests of her subscribers: she eats lemons, hot pepper, does makeup without a mirror, draws herself with her eyes closed, wraps herself in a carpet, chews a box of chewing gum, and so on. Moreover, she performs all these actions with her inherent zeal and positive, not forgetting to finish the next videos with a favorite phrase: "Stay the same positive and creative, all bright for you!"

How much does Kate Clapp earn?

Katie's profile says that she isYouTube's professional partner. It follows that the girl does not just shoot the video, but also makes good money on them, receiving regular deductions from the video hosting. Many fans of the star are interested in how much Katya Klap earns, whose photo is increasingly flickering on the covers of fashion glossy magazines and on the Internet?

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По некоторым данным, заработок «Богини Ютуба» varies from 5 to 40 thousand dollars a month, and this income is only from two channels on YouTube, not counting accounts in Twitter and Contact. Kate receives a lot of proposals to advertise this or that product, but she refuses yet, explaining this by perceiving blogging as a hobby rather than a job. Now the girl is studying at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Faculty of Directing, she wants to remove Selfie from Putin and become an architect.

Therefore, every YouTube user has the right toin his own way to answer the question, who is Katya Klap: a multi-faceted, creative personality, aimed to make the world brighter, more cheerful and more positive, or an infantile humorist, which litter the Internet? In any case, the young star deserves a storm of applause and admiration for the fact that in 21 years she achieved unthinkable heights in her favorite business, became famous for the whole Runet and managed to overcome teenage complexes, creating one of the most popular and viewed video blogs.