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How to make more likes in "VC": the main techniques

The world's first social network Facebook severalyears ago connected a new one at that time - to put Like near records that the user liked. It can be anything - from a friend's photo and ending with some news from the community. The more likes, the more popular, useful and interesting is the entry. In FB, like Like steel with a symbol of the hand with a raised thumb.

Laiki "VKontakte"

how to make more like in VK
Of course, after the Americanthe social network introduced a feature that allows to show its approval, another service - the Russian site "VKontakte" - copied the same idea. Soon the same huskies appeared on the domestic service. They carried the same function, but they were already labeled differently - with the help of hearts. With the advent of such an opportunity, many users immediately began to think how to make more likes in "VC". For this, many tricks have been invented - the girls published their photos in popular communities with the request to put a heart; there were even whole groups, allowing to exchange huskies with each other.

What do the huskies stand for?

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What do these hearts mean, what rolethey play for everyone, why is everyone so interested in the promotion of likes "VKontakte"? As already noted, the main task of this mechanism is evaluation. If for news communities the number of "heart" icons under the record means the popularity of the group and the news in the first place, then for an ordinary user the likes of a photo is the number of people who like you. Therefore, this is an assessment of a person, his appearance and the photo as a whole. Here the logic of each is quite simple: the more hearts you have, the more beautiful, better, nicer the person. That's why everyone wants to know how to make more "VK" likes. And, of course, most try to get them as much as possible.

Why do we want from the commercial side?

how to make a lot of likes in VC
In addition to human vanity, hearts canalso benefit from a commercial point of view. So, communities representing online stores and various services are also looking for ways to make more likes in "VC". It's all about the mechanisms for sorting news and groups in search, and also in human psychology. Regarding search, there is a theory that news with a large number of hearts (as well as the communities themselves) may appear on higher positions in the search both on the "VC" service itself, and on the "Yandex" and Google systems. Whether it works or not, it's difficult to say, but there are certain reasons to believe this is true (the search engines themselves claim that the so-called social factor is taken into account). In addition, the wrapping of likes "VKontakte" allows you to play and on the psychology of man. If a group visitor sees news that has more hearts, he intuitively pays more attention to it, because he realizes that it can be more interesting than others. Due to this, having received on the record with advertising a lot of ratings Like, online stores can count on attracting the attention of visitors.

How to make more "VK" likes naturally?

In general, to get them, you can choose one of the following:two strategies - a natural increase or a wrap-around. If there is a question about how to make more likes in "VC" without any manipulation, then you need to make the record itself interesting, funny, shocking, that is, so that it evokes the user's emotions. Of course, this also needs to be taken care of and how to convey the meaning of the post to the visitors - invite to a group of friends, take care of its promotion. It is obvious that if there is not a single person in the community, nobody will see your record.

Other ways to get likes

In the event that you are wondering how to do itmany likes in "VC" in any accessible way, including dishonest, then you may be interested in a number of services for the exchange of huskies, their purchase and wrapping. There are various mechanisms here - on what real people are put to you hearts for money, to the banal cheating likes using automated solutions - software, scripts, and so-called bots (accounts institutions on fictional people). True, winding up the amount of Like in this way, you need to be extremely careful - VKontakte mechanisms track this activity and try to prevent it. For example, if you are calculated, you can close the community, which is also not very pleasant.

Precautionary measures

how to make more like vk
In connection with this fact, it is necessary to undertakesome precautions, if you want to know how to make a lot of likes in "VC". For example, do not immediately do a huge number of hearts in a short time - a sharp activity around the post in a little untwisted group can be suspicious. The same applies to a wrap on one record, while on others the amount of Like does not change. If you are looking for a way how to make more likes in "VC", remember - it is important to do everything as naturally as possible, without causing suspicion of cheating. Then your community can really be made popular and interesting.

If, for example, you are the owner of an online store anddo not know which strategy to choose, then your next advice is addressed to you. Artificial cheating is cheaper and allows you to achieve quick results. However, it may threaten to block the community and, in addition, is not effective. If you work on how to make a lot of VKontakte without the programs and bots, it will cost more, but in the end it will bear fruit, because you will notice real people who will buy something or advise you to their friends. This is much more profitable in the long run.