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Free Website Promotion: Tips for Beginners

There is an opinion that the promotion on the Internet -a time-consuming and rather expensive thing. Unfortunately, there is much truth in this statement. To ensure that the site is in the top search engine, its search engine optimization is performed by real professionals, whose work is paid high enough. Therefore, when it comes to free of charge promotion, there may be an opinion that the advertiser does not have funds for promotion on the Internet or not ready to invest there.But in fact it is not so, before you spread out thousands and thousands of rubles to a seo-optimizer, you can try to promote your own website for free and on your own. And then, perhaps, the cost of further, paid optimization will be significantly reduced. Also these tips will be useful for beginning webmasters and seo-optimizers, who only comprehend methods of search optimization.

  1. Ideally, for the successful promotion of somethe nuances should be taken into account at the stage when the development of sites is underway. In particular, this refers to the choice of a domain name. It is desirable that it reflects the topic of your resource or contain a keyword.
  2. Pay attention to filling the pages:the content must be high-quality and unique. If you have a desire to copy some materials, even the most interesting and useful ones, from the competitor's site, then immediately discard such a thought, otherwise you will not see the first pages of the issue.
  3. Be sure to fill in the meta tags of type title and description. Such pages are perceived by search engines much better.
  4. Make sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.
  5. Register your resource in the free "white" catalogs.
  6. It will be useful to start a blog in which you will give announcements of added materials with links to the pages of your site where they will be published.
  7. Create groups or pages on social networks, this will also attract additional visitors to you.
  8. Be sure to regularly add new information: new articles, reviews, news, etc. Search engines eventually "forget" about those sites where nothing new has happened for a long time.
  9. Place articles on free directories with active links to your site.
  10. Spend promotions, discounts, raffles and lotteries, which must be reported, for example, a bright banner on the main page. All this will help increase the traffic of your site.

All these simple tips look trivial at first glance, but nevertheless, they will really help you to promote your site for free.