/ / Instruction: how to add to the black list in "VC"

Instruction: how to add to the black list in "VC"

How to add to the black list in the VC
The VKontakte site is one of the most visited andfavorite social networks in Russia and around the world. It was established in 2006, and its daily attendance for February 2013 was 43 million people. The site "VKontakte" has a simple, simple and intuitive interface. However, in view of the fact that it is widely functional, there are sometimes questions about how to use it. In this article, we will describe how to add users to the blacklist in the "VC".

Why do I need a black list?

In social networks, as well as in reallife, there are people with whom it is unpleasant to communicate and do not want to share any information. To do this, the administration of the site came up with a "Black list VC", where you can make any annoying or unpleasant user. As soon as it is there, no information from your page will be available to him. You can not also receive a message from a blocked user. Thus, you can completely exclude those people with whom you are uncomfortable to communicate.

For what reasons do people have the question,How to add to the black list in the "VC"? In fact, prerequisites to this may be a lot, for example: protection from spam (users in social networks often like to do newsletters with any advertising, which can sometimes annoy), reluctance to communicate with a particular person, keeping a secret of something (for example, photos, messages on the "wall" and so on).

How to view the black list in VC
How to add users to the black list?

Below we answer the question: "How to add to the black list in the" VC "?" If we need to add a friend user to this section, then the steps are as follows:

  1. We go to the site "VKontakte". Enter your account information (username and password).
  2. We visit the page of the friend we want to block, and copy the link in the address bar of the browser.
  3. In the left menu select "My settings".
  4. At the top of the page, under the blue ruler, there is a horizontal menu (general, privacy, alert and so on). Choose the "Black list".
  5. To add a user, paste the previously-copied link to the friend's page in the specified field and click on the "Add to Black list" button or simply write the user's name and surname. Done!

Important! If a user from the friends list is added to this section, it is automatically deleted from the list.

If we want to block a person who is not on our friends list, then we need to:

1 option: go to the page to this user and click on the link "Block User", located on the left side immediately after the section with the music.

Option 2: enter the link to the unwanted page manually, as we did when adding a friend to the black list.

Black list of VC
How can I see all users on the blacklist?

Congratulations!Now you know how to manage contacts, for sure you have a question: "How to look at the black list of" VC "?" You can see all the undesirable people in your blacklist by going to My Settings - Blacklist. All blocked users will be displayed there. At any time, as soon as you have a desire to "restore" them, you can choose the link "Remove from the black list".

We hope that our article on how to add to the black list in the "VC" will be useful for you.