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Dresses with a Basque: patterns for home sewing

Women of all forms always try.show only his best features and hide minor flaws under well-chosen clothes. However, more and more women will do wrong, hiding their options under baggy T-shirts, big sweaters and bulky trousers, this is an unforgivable mistake.

dresses with basky patterns
A woman should always look her best.However, even if she was going to do a general cleaning in the house, because the views of her neighbors, family members or girlfriends are always turned on her, and they should be absolutely admired. If a woman has a small complex about being too thin and lacking volumes, then dresses with a basque can easily eliminate this. Patterns are either the result of shopping with friends for the best boutiques of the city, the main thing is to choose the most suitable option for you, so that the color and texture are in harmony with your skin and hair, as well as the type of figure. In any case, only the result is important, and it must hit men and rivals.
dress pattern with basky
If you can not afford to purchase a newinstance, the pattern of the dress with the basques and its independent tailoring will be the very budget option that will allow you to update your wardrobe and please your beloved husband with a wonderful transformation. If you are extremely talented in needlework, you can easily make dresses with a basque, the photos of which were found in your favorite fashion magazine or which you saw on one of your friends. And if you have a shoulder-length dress that you want to renew for a long time, then the following option is for you.

Sewing a dress

So, you will need a lace fabric that fitslet it not exactly in color to your dress, but at least in scale, in the amount of 1-1.2 meters. We also need a short zipper, one or two buttons in the form of pearls and, in fact, threads and a sewing machine with an overlock. So, we do for a dress with a basque pattern: from the material we cut two identical rectangles, the smaller side (A) is equal to the chest volume + 5 cm for the allowances, the large (B) - from shoulder to waist. Then we cut a strip 12–15 cm wide and a length equal to the waist length + 5 cm. We attach two rectangles to each other and make marks: on the side A we draw a low neck, and on the side B - holes for the hands.

Dresses from the Basque photo

We sew shoulders and sides, having previously processededges, and we cut the back in half and insert the zipper, starting from the bottom edge, sew a button and a loop on top. A distinctive detail of a dress with a basky, whose patterns are quite simple, is, of course, a neat assembly. It is necessary to sew a strip of fabric to the bottom of the resulting "T-shirt" with two seams, between which to insert a narrow elastic band, this will be the Basque. Now it remains only to put the product on top of the dress or sew the simplest pencil skirt to the bottom, the pattern of which can be found in any sewing magazine, and your very romantic transformation took place.


Такие платья с баской, выкройки которых вы можете to improve during the sewing process, it is better to combine with shoes or sandals on high heels to visually make the figure more slender and lengthen the legs, and from outerwear it is better to choose fitted raincoats or a coat with a strap to emphasize the elegance of your forms.