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Emami: dress-transformer yourself

Современным женщинам приходится решать массу issues at the same time. Some people manage to manage everything, to visit everywhere, and yet they look stunning. How do they manage to combine the solution of work problems, caring for themselves, domestic chores and hobbies? This secret can never be solved. And if no one can deal with matters except a woman, then to ensure that the ladies get an excellent look all designers - from beginners to the world-famous ones. They also answered the age-old question: "What to wear, to look at all today's diverse events" in the subject ", while not going home to change clothes?". Of course, in this case, suit dress-transformer. The most inexpensive of the proposed finished products cost about $ 300. If you sew a dress-transformer yourself, the family budget will lose 10 times less.

dress transformer yourself

Seven kinds of transformers

Sew a dress-transformer with their own hands offerMany needlewomen successfully mastered this process. According to their assurances, there is nothing complicated in its creation. It is much more difficult to master dozens of different ways of putting on a dress. Before you start sewing a dress without a pattern, you must choose a style. Today there are seven main types of dress-transformers: Kariza, All in one, Picaro Puck, Versatile Dress, Sacha Drake, Emami, Infinite dress. One of them - the development of Scandinavian designers dress Emami - shook the world's women's public. Whether a joke, one dress and at least 30 different wearing options! If you sew, then only Emami. Clothing-transformer, created by themselves, can replace the entire wardrobe.

transformer clothing

Master-class: "We sew a dress-transformer with our own hands"

For Emami sewing you will need:

  • knitted fabric (supplex, viscose with lycra, "knitwear-oil" 140-150 cm wide, and length - depending on your height, but not less than 2 m 10 cm and not more than 2 m 35 cm;
  • thread;
  • scissors;
  • centimeter;
  • sewing machine.
    dress without pattern

Step-by-step instruction

Adhere to the manual - and in a couple of hours you will have an amazing dress.

  1. Spread the cut (2,15 x 1,50) on the floor.Cut both edges from it (strip width 3-5 cm). These will be strings. Connect the seam on the short sides, then along the part, leaving a small hole, unscrew and sew the hole.
  2. Cut a 30 cm wide strip acrossbelt for a skirt. Fold in half and measure out the desired length, attaching a strip under the chest. There should be neither free nor tight. Stitch the belt in the ring. Along the fold on one side make a cut (in the figure denoted by the number I), which has a length of half the circumference of your waist. If the waist is 70 cm, then the length of the incision is 35 cm. It should not be level, otherwise it will be inconvenient to sew the belt. Slightly rounded, in the form of a "droplet", at the widest point 3 cm from the fold line, is an ideal option.
  3. In figure 3, the back seam of the skirt is indicated.Stoichte it. Then fold up the belt sewn into the ring, align it with the cut in the canvas and stitch it. You got a little strange skirt so far.
  4. On the other edge, denoted by the number II, make a kulis and slip the string. The width of the kulis should not be too different from the width of the string - so the cloth will be better draped.

That's it, you made the dress-transformer yourself. Now you can at least every 15 minutes to surprise the guests of the party.