/ / Yin-Yang tree of beads and other miracles with their own hands

Yin-yang tree of beads and other miracles with their own hands

How often do you look at shop windows,in which there are beautiful, bright and unusual products from beads? It seems they are so perfect that they should have been made by real wizards. However, the weaving of beads is actually not so difficult, it is within their power to master any prudent, and most importantly, person striving for beauty. Flowering trees of beads, beautiful vases, bracelets, etc. - all this can be done with your own hands.

From the history

Beads served as material for makingjewelry since the time of the Scythians and Sarmatians. They not only made jewelry from it, but also embroidered clothes and shoes. And the beads were invented, in fact, by the Phoenicians - it was their merchants who accidentally (so to say the legends) found a way to produce glass. After some time, such branches as the manufacture of beads and glass beads appeared in glassmaking.

The word "beads" translated from Arabicmeans artificial pearls. Its first samples were quite large and opaque, but nowadays the technology for making beads allows to produce beads of even the smallest size, transparent and incredibly different colors.

Bead tree making

Nowadays needlewomen use beads notnot only to decorate clothes and create bracelets, beads and earrings, but also to decorate your home. Beads are made of amazing beauty panels, flowers, trees and frames. In this article we will talk about making bead trees on such examples as the yin-yang tree of beads and the orange tree of beads.

For making bead trees for youfirst of all you will need beads - of different colors, shapes and sizes. And also various sequins, ribbons, threads, beads, wire, sand, stones, etc. Do not forget to stock up on scissors too.

Another very important point in the weaving of beadsis patience. This is a very fine jewelry work, which may not work out the first time. However, you should not despair and quit work - gradually you will “fill in” your hand and you will get real masterpieces!

Bead Yin-Yang Tree

So, as the name suggests, the yin-yang tree ofBead is a combination of two opposing principles, which is primarily manifested in the color scheme. Therefore, for the yin-yang tree you need to prepare black and white beads.

On the wire should dial approximately 7-8 beadswhite and twist the wire loop. Make on the same wire seven such "eyelets", and then fold it in half and twist. Next, you need to arrange the loops in the form of twigs, ie, turning them in different directions to give volume. After making two more of the same branches, they must be joined and twisted as well. All the same must be done with black beads.

To make your yin-yang beaded tree lush, you need about 20 triple twigs of each color.

Next you need to take pieces of a thicker wire.and wind on each of a pair of twigs of the same color. The upper part of each branch (about a quarter) must be wrapped with a ribbon of the appropriate color (i.e., black with black tape and white with white) and fixed. After that, you need to twist all the white branches in one trunk, and all black - in the other. The remaining open parts of the wire must be covered with plasticine to match the color, and on top - also with tape.

And the last stage - we intertwine the two parts, set them in a pot (which, by the way, can also be made from beads), and that’s all - the yin-yang tree of beads is ready!

Orange Tree Bead

To make an orange tree, takewire about 80 mm long. In its middle you need to stitch an orange bead and 3 small green beads. Pass one end of the wire back through the bead. Then on the other end of the wire we string 7 beads and twist them into a loop, then we make 2 more such loops. Twisting the wire again, repeat the whole operation again. Thus, we create a sprig on which there are several "oranges" and leaves. In the same way, you need to make a few twigs, on which there will be only leaves, and screw them to the twigs with oranges.

Next, the resulting branches need to collect in the formpyramid and twist the wire together. By turning the twigs, you can give the tree any shape. The last stage is to wrap the stem with ribbons and “plant” the tree in a potty.