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When, how and where to change a medical policy

Many people know that the availability of a special medical policy from a person gives him the right to get help from doctors anywhere in the territory of our state without any additional payment.

where to change a medical policy

Just recently, certainchanges related to this document, namely: in accordance with one of the federal laws now in Russia will operate policies of a single sample. However, until now some of our citizens do not have reliable information about how and where to change the medical policy. Before you start this procedure, you need to know for sure who exactly and why you need PMS.

Purpose of this document

So, right after birth, every person in theThe Russian Federation must be issued a health insurance policy. It is because of the issuance of absolutely everyone that it received the title of a binding document.

where to change a medical insurance policy

Without its presence, even at the place of registration, it is impossibleget help from doctors for free. Including it will be impossible to call a local doctor if necessary. Also do not forget that if the law presupposes the delivery of certain medicines in preferential order, it will be impossible to obtain them without the availability of this document.

That is, a medical policy is designed forconfirmation of the state right of any person in our country to receive the necessary assistance of doctors without providing money in return.

However, due to the fact that now our citizens have a need to change the medical policy, which is on hand, many doubt that according to the old document, you can count on providing them with medical services in full.

Why change the policy of CHI?
where to change the medical address policy

In fact, at the present time, medical care is provided to all people without exception, who possess this document, regardless of its type.
According to the information available today, all residents of Russia can change the old policy for a document of a unified new sample until 2015.

Such a long period of possible exchange of the policy is explained by the reluctance to provoke agitation among the population, because not everyone knows even where to change a medical policy.

So, if we talk briefly about why changea medical policy, the answer is simple - then, in order to be able, if necessary, to receive medical care both in specialized institutions and at home.

Where to change a medical insurance policy

If you directly talk about this procedure, or rather, about the place of its implementation, then you can do it in two ways:

  • having addressed directly in the insurance company or its branch;
  • on the site of their work.

change medical policy
The second option is not suitable for everyonecategories of citizens and not for all settlements. Therefore, in order to know exactly where to change a medical policy, you should first contact your supervisor directly, and only then to the company where the policy was obtained.

But there is a certain category of citizens whoprefers in any case to change the policy independently, rightly believing that this method is much easier, faster and more convenient. In addition, information on where to change the medical policy (addresses of insurance companies in particular) can be quickly found on the Internet.

However, it is not enough to find a place, it is still necessary to know exactly the reasons for the replacement of the policy. After all, depending on them, the list of documents to be provided will also change.

Reasons for the exchange

At the moment, you can change the existing policy for the following reasons:

  1. Replacing the old policy with a new one.In this case, when you come to the insurance company, you must have an old policy, SNILS and a passport with you. After writing the application, the obsolete document is considered invalid and disposed of, a provisional certificate is given to him in return, and a new document is issued after a few days.
  2. Exchange of the old policy due to changelast name, first name or patronymic. In these cases, in addition to the documents required in the first version of the exchange, you may also need certificates confirming the officiality, reliability and legality of the changes made.
  3. Loss of document.

Now, when it is known about where to change a medical policy and why to perform this procedure at all, it is necessary to say a few words about the peculiarities of new insurance medical policies.

Nuances of use

There are two features of modern policies.The first is that it is issued once and for life, not counting those cases when it is to be replaced. And the second feature is related to the fact that it is absolutely impossible to laminate this document, unlike the old one.

Therefore, for the safety of this policy should be treated with extreme care. Otherwise, at the most inopportune moment, doctors can refuse to provide you with their services.