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Privilege for transport tax for large families. What tax breaks have families with many children

Is there any allowance for transporttax for large families in Russia? This question often arises among the population. After all, imagine a family with several children and without a car is very problematic. On the vehicle, and so it takes a lot of money: maintenance, care, insurance, repair. All this takes away some finances. They, as many say, have many children quite often not enough. The state supports the cells of a society with a large number of minor children. And by all means. Are there any benefits for transport tax for large families? And if so, in what way are they expressed? How to make out? How long do they take?

The concept of large families

First you need to understand what isthe large family. Under what conditions can be considered a cell of a society belonging to this category? After all, just for families with minor children no benefits or additional state support are allowed.

privilege on transport tax to large families

Многодетная семья в России считается таковой after the appearance of 3 babies in it. Starting with this "bar", the social cell is counted as having many children. It does not matter, 3 children in a family or 10. The main thing is to have at least three.

Pondering whether there is a tax concessionlarge families should remember: adopted minors are also taken into account. Just in this case will have to prove the fact of adoption. If there are 3 or more children in a social unit, then it is considered to have many children in Russia.

Eat or not

Is there in principle an exemption fromtransport tax for large families? A moot point. Answering it is not as easy as it sounds. The thing is that most of the taxes and benefits from the state are set at the regional level. Therefore, exemption from the payment of certain payments is a topic that is decided individually in each region.

In other words, exemption from transporttax large families in Russia takes place. But you can not say that this bonus is valid throughout the country. Only in some regions is this possible. It is recommended to verify this information directly or in the administration of the city of residence, or in the tax authorities.

tax exemption for large families


Benefits for large families in 2016 regardingtransportation taxes are saved. No one has canceled them. One thing is for sure: some bonuses from the state are provided to almost everyone with many children.

What is this about? Citizens are allowed to pay only part of the tax. In other words, provide a kind of discount on the payment. She, as you might guess, in each region is established its own.

Not for everyone and not always

True, the privilege on transport tax having many childrenFamilies are a rather serious and controversial topic. It has already been said that in some regions such cells of society are supposed to be fully exempted from payment. And somewhere people are entitled to a kind of discount.

benefits for large families in 2016

Despite this, in some areas (for example,in Krasnoyarsk or Omsk) all privileges on transport tax for large families are absent. This is all due to the small amount of budget funding. Therefore, as already mentioned, the issue is solved on an individual basis. It is necessary to clarify the presence or absence of bonuses from the state in this plan independently.

Only upon request

If in a particular region there is a concession on the transport tax to large families (Moscow, for example, provides for a discount), then you need to arrange it correctly.

The main rule to remember:a "bonus" is issued only through a personally left application. Just because no one will impose benefits to the population. About their rights will have to claim. Only after this, taxes on transport will be charged with the established benefits. Or even large families will no longer receive payments for transport.

Where to go

If citizens are eligible for the type of benefits being studied,then they must, as already said, report this. But which bodies to contact? Here the population is offered several options for the development of events.

privilege on transport tax for large families Moscow

Firstly, in some regions, it is possible to include a statement of the established pattern in the MFC. You need to go to the one that is in the place of residence of citizens.

Secondly, the application for transport privilegetax can be filed with the tax authorities. The most common option. It is required to apply either to the body located at the place of residence / residence of citizens, or at the place of registration of the vehicle.

At this list of places ends.There is no significant difference at the place of circulation. The main thing is that the family provides a complete list of documents, which is provided by law for the provision of bonuses in respect of the payment being studied. If you do not bring the full list, you will have to pay a receipt in full until the error is corrected.

About documents

Documents for tax relief forlarge families should be, as already mentioned, provided in full. It is recommended to make additional copies. And to come to one of the previously listed bodies and with the originals, and with photocopies of papers.

what tax breaks have families with many children

At the moment, all citizens who have the right to certain bonuses from the state for large families should bring with them:

  • certificate of title to the car, subject to payment;
  • passport of the applicant;
  • marriage certificate (or divorce);
  • birth certificates of all children who are under 18;
  • certificates and extracts indicating the fact of adoption of minors (if any);
  • certificate of a large cell of the company (if available);
  • application form.

Further, all of the above papers are submitted forprocessing. If citizens have received a payment for the tax on transport, then it will also have to be attached. Pay nothing you need. If a full exemption is provided for the payment being studied, the invoice will be canceled. Otherwise, after applying to the MFC or the tax service, the applicants will receive a new payment.

How much is valid

Some are interested in how much a benefit works ontransport tax to large families. And is it necessary to submit a standard application every year in order to confirm the right to bonuses from the state at a cell of society?

documents for tax rebates

Answering these questions is easier than it sounds.All the privileges granted are valid as long as the family has every reason to be considered large. Every year you do not need to declare your rights. It is enough just 1 time to contact the relevant authorities with the previously listed list of papers.

Large families end when childrencome of age or receive emancipation. If there are 3 minors in a cell, then when at least one of them reaches the age of 18, all the benefits lose their legal basis. And the family will have to pay tax for the car in full.

Tax problems

It would seem that there are no special problems.It is clear that the transport tax is different everywhere. And issues related to the provision of benefits to families with many children in this area are solved individually. But there is another problem.

Which one?It is associated with the interpretation of large families. In general, as already mentioned, citizens are considered to have many children if they have 3 or more minor children raised. But in some regions for benefits in the field of transport tax, this "bar" is able to increase. So even the presence of 3 children does not give a 100% guarantee that you can get a discount on transport tax or completely get rid of it.

transport tax rebate application

The benefits of having many children

And what kind of benefits are given to large families in Russia in 2016? At the moment, you can count on:

  • 50% discount on payment for garden, utilities;
  • in some cases, the garden is free;
  • free food, textbooks and uniforms for schoolchildren;
  • free use of public transport;
  • children under 6 years old are provided with medication free of charge;
  • benefits on loans and mortgages;
  • allowances for large families;
  • once a month you can visit the cultural site in the city for free.

Now it is clear what tax breaks have large families with regard to transport. This category of persons is the eternal beneficiaries. But they should be aware of their rights!