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How to recover a medical insurance policy? MI policy of the new sample

Sometimes you have to wonder howrestore medical policy in case of loss. This topic is not so difficult. It is enough to know just a few of the nuances of the process. Most citizens do not have problems with the replacement of policies. Some time waiting after contacting the relevant authorities - and the document is ready. What you need to know about the paper being studied? What first of all to pay attention to the population? Are there really serious problems with changing the policy that some people are talking about?

Document Description

Before you indulge in thinking about howto restore the medical insurance policy in case of loss, attention should be paid to the definition of this document. Only then will it be possible to understand how much paper is needed by citizens.

how to recover a medical policy if lost

A policy is a document that allows peoplereceive medical care. Both on a paid and free basis. Russia has a compulsory health insurance system. And the corresponding policy serves as a kind of confirmation of participation.

No one can do without him now.Even a newborn should have an OMS policy. Otherwise, parents may be denied admission to the clinic. Therefore, the question of how to restore the policy OMS is relevant.

Insurance Company

In fact, nothing difficult in this. Every citizen who ordered the document under study can guess that the procedure of exchange and restoration of the policy is not much different.

The first problem that confronts the population- This is the question of where to go to get the appropriate service. And the most common answer is: "insurance company". We need to remember who served the citizen in the CHI system. Then, collect a specific list of documents and submit them with the application for the restoration of the policy to the appropriate organization. Nothing difficult. But that is not all!

how to recover polis oms


Where to recover a medical policy? Now you can embody this idea in the MFC. Any organization that works in a city of residence of a person will do.

The procedure is extremely simple.It is no different from a visit to the insurance company. It is required to collect a certain set of documents, then submit them with the application of the established sample to the multifunctional center.

What's next?As soon as the document is ready, you will need to pick it up. Where? Either in the MFC, in which the application was filed, or in the insurance company that serves the citizen. Nothing difficult. But how to restore a medical policy in case of loss? What should people know about this process?

Documents for adults

For example, the fact that the list of documentsrequested in one way or another, will be different. For adults, children, and also foreign citizens there are different lists of presented papers. And this should not be surprising.

new type of insurance policy

Considering how to restore the policy of OMS,It is necessary to take into account that recently it is necessary to indicate the type of document being restored. There is an old sample and a new one. About differences - a little later. It will be required to state in the application exactly which type of document is required.

How to restore a medical policy in case of loss to an adult? He must bring with him to this or that body the following list of papers:

  • identity card (usually a civil passport);
  • documents indicating residence permit (if a passport is provided, then they are not necessary);
  • SNILS.

The statement separately to make and bring notneed to. It is already filled in the insurance company or in the MFC. Next, the citizen will be given a temporary policy of the MLA. It is valid for about a month. During this time, a new permanent policy will be made. As soon as it is possible to pick it up, the employees of the insurance company will contact the applicant and inform about the readiness of the paper.

For children

And how to do if the child needsrecover policy? What is required for this? The list of documents will expand somewhat. In addition, it is worth noting immediately that one of the legal representatives of a minor must deal with issues of restoration. The application will be made on behalf of the parents.

how to restore a medical insurance policy in case of loss

How to restore a medical policy when you lose your child? In one of the previously named bodies will need to bring:

  • birth certificate;
  • passport of the applicant parent;
  • SNILS (the parent is optional, the child is mandatory);
  • identity card of a minor (for children over 14 years old).

Accordingly, this is the whole list of necessarypapers. The policy must be received by the parent. But if we are talking about a 14-year-old citizen, then he himself has the right to submit an application of the established form, without the participation of legal representatives. And pick up your document is also allowed independently.


What's next?How to restore a medical policy in case of loss of a foreign citizen? They will have to worry about providing an extended list of papers to one or another service organization. In general, the process is no different from the previously proposed layouts.

Foreign citizens with the loss of a medical policy must provide:

  • application (to be completed on-site);
  • passport of a foreign citizen;
  • certificates indicating the legality of being in the country (for example, a residence permit);
  • registration documents;
  • SNILS (if available).

If you address the studied issue in advance, thenthere will be no problems. Within a month, the OMS policy (new or old - it does not matter) will be ready. You can get it if you have an ID. Until that time, as well as citizens of the Russian Federation, temporary policies were issued to foreigners.

where to recover medical insurance


Now you need to pay attention to the fact thatRussia has two types of document under study. About them has already been said. This is the policy of the MLA of the new sample and the old one. The second option is known, perhaps, to everyone - a small paper (usually blue), on which is written the name of the serving insurance company, the initials of the owner and his insurance number. Assigned once and for life.

But the policy of the new sample is plasticmap. It contains similar information, was invented for the convenience of the population. Unlike the old policy, the new one is durable. It is recommended to have both types of document. After all, new is not always possible to use.