/ How to check the freshness of eggs at home?

How to check the freshness of eggs at home?

Eggs - one of the richest in protein and usefulproperties of the product. At present, chicken, quail eggs and ostrich eggs are eaten. However, all the eggs of birds and some reptiles (turtles) are edible.

The history of the opening of the egg

One of the most common questions:what came first, an egg or a chicken? The answer to this question scientists are looking for centuries. The ancient Romans began their meal with eggs, and usually ended up with apples. Hence the well-known phrase "from the egg" went.

how to check the freshness of eggs

From the earliest times, the attitude towards the egg was very symbolic. In Russia, they painted and brought to the Gods, and also gave each other on the first day of the new year.

In paganism the egg was considered a symbol of land fertility and well-being. People already knew very well how to check the freshness of eggs, because only the best products could be brought to the gift.

What eggs are eaten

About 2000 years ago on the shores of the Black Seathe first chickens appeared, which then people domesticated and began to breed. Until then, eggs of all wild birds were eaten. This was one of the easiest prey of an ancient man.

Now, without the production of chicken eggs, it is impossible to imagine any branch of the economy. This product is boiled, fried, baked, added to baked goods, salads, based on it, cosmetics and even medicines are made.

Currently, the most popular are chicken and quail eggs. Goose and ostrich are also used, but much less often.

how to check the freshness of eggs in water

Duck and goose eggs did not get accustomed to everyday food because of their specific smell and taste, although they are many times as large as chickens, and they are not inferior in useful properties.

In the European restaurants you will be offered delicaciesin the form of eggs of penguin, thrush, chibis, gull and some other birds. Of course, such a delicacy will not be cheap, although you should not expect special taste delights.

Energy value

Almost all representatives of eggs haveapproximately the same amount of protein from 12.5 to 13% and up to 1.3% of carbohydrates. The most dense are duck eggs, they contain up to 15% fat, and the rest within 12-13%. Thus, the average calorific value of the egg mass is from 158 kcal (chicken) to 186 kcal (duck).

check the freshness of eggs with water

The greatest benefit and value in any eggis the yolk. It contains all the nutrients, proteins and fats. But the protein is 90% water, accordingly, and there is not much benefit from it. It should be noted that egg proteins contain essential amino acids: lysozyme and albumin, which play an important role in the structure of cells in the human body.

Many are interested in how to check the freshness of eggs for nutritional value. Actually nothing. The energy capacity of any egg is the same throughout the shelf life.

Ingredients of egg yolk

Paradoxically, the yolk calorie content is 8 timeshigher calorie protein, and almost twice the energy value of the egg as a whole and is almost 360 kcal per 100 grams. It also includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats and useful cholesterol.

Egg benefit

The eggs contain a fairly high amountvitamins: A, B, D and E, as well as riboflavin, thiamine and biotin. Useful cholesterol, as well as a large amount of protein make them indispensable in the daily diet.

how to check chicken eggs for freshness

Labeling of chicken eggs

Of course, there is no logo on home eggs orYou will not find the markings, which you can not say about the store. On the packaging, and on the shell, there must be a marking (letter), which indicates to which type the egg belongs.

Many mistresses ask themselves:how to check the freshness of the eggs bought in the store. At the same time, most people are mistaken, thinking that the letter on the package can talk about the time of production of this product.

The letter "D" says that the egg should beis realized within 7 days and is dietary. But the marking "C" corresponds to table eggs, which can be stored for 25 days. Thus, it becomes clear that you can find out the freshness of eggs only by specifying the date of release of the product and correlating it with the shelf life.

how to check raw egg for freshness

Еще один логотип, присутствующий в маркировки яиц Is a figure indicating the size of the product. The third category is the smallest eggs, their weight does not exceed 45 g. The second category is slightly larger - from 45 to 55 g. Eggs of the first category - the most popular product on the market - their size is from 55 g to 65 g. But the choice products will have weight up to 75 grams and the logo "O". The "B" marking means that the egg mass is from 75 g and above.

Today in the store you can buy a chicken egg enriched with iodine or selenium, of various sizes and types.

Country producers

The leaders in the production of a high-calorie product are America, India and China. In fact, the maximum consumption of eggs per year, respectively, in these countries.

What kind of threat can eggs carry?

Not fresh eggs can lead to severe poisoning. And as in the raw, and in the finished form. That is why before drinking it is important to check the freshness of eggs with water.

Also, with prolonged storage in eggs,intensively multiply salmonella, which lead to the development of the infectious process (salmonellosis). In the absence of treatment, this disease can lead to death.

The longer the eggs are stored, the higher the risk of allergic reactions to this product.

How to check the freshness of eggs at home?

First of all, the store always needslook at the production date and shelf life of the eggs. Make sure that the integrity of the shell is preserved in the package, because when it is damaged, the egg spoils much faster.

The shell should not shine and be spherical. This applies to both chicken and quail eggs.

how to check the freshness of eggs at home

In the store, you can take the egg in your hand and shake it. You do not have to hear anything. Any sound indicates that the egg is kept long enough.

Also, you should smell the shell of the product, it should smell of lime.

For professional and mobile definitionsFresh eggs are used by an ovoscope. This is a special device that highlights the shell. In the yolk area, there should be no darkening, and the egg will be uniform throughout the surface.

Mistresses want to know how to check raw egg onfreshness without special tools and fast enough. Just bring the egg to the lamp and look at it at the lumen. If the interlayer of air between the shell and the protein is visible, then the egg is stored for a long time.

If you broke the egg into a frying pan and sawred dots - it's not scary. Such single point inclusions are permissible. However, in no case should not eat an egg with a red ring-shaped remains of the embryo - it is spoiled. Similarly, dark inclusions, which lead to damage to the product.

How to check the freshness of eggs in water

The easiest way to determine the suitability of an eggto use is to place it in a glass with ordinary water at room temperature. A fresh egg will remain at the bottom, but the spoiled one will float to the surface. Experienced housewives know that it is not uncommon for an egg to "hang" in the middle of a glass of liquid. This indicates that the product was stored for about 2-3 weeks, but not yet spoiled. Remember, there should be about 10 cm of water in the glass, otherwise this method will not be reliable.

Now it becomes clear how to test the chicken eggs for freshness and not expose themselves and other family members to danger.

Обязательно перед термической обработкой данного product, check it for freshness in any way. This will help to protect you from negative consequences. And of course, lovers of eating raw eggs for food should take a very careful look at the choice of this product.