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Small secrets of how to cook soft corn

Many mistresses believe that they know how to cookcorn. But not everyone will also be able to answer the question affirmatively: "How to cook soft corn?" Indeed, there are many subtleties in the technology of preparing this culture. They can not be ignored.

how to cook soft corn
First, you need to choose the right cob. Soft after cooking will be only young corn. It differs from the more mature by:

  1. The size of the cob (medium length).
  2. The form of rows (grains of the same size and are located close to each other).
  3. The color of the grains (in young corn they are pale, and with age they turn bright yellow).
  4. The composition (inside the young grains is a white viscous liquid resembling milk). Perhaps that's why young corn is said to be milky-waxy ripeness.

Secondly, we must clearly control the cooking time. For young ears enough 15 minutes, and mature will be cooked for about 2 hours.

how to cook soft corn
Thirdly, you must strictly follow the rules of cooking:

  1. Rinse cob under running water and clean from dirty leaves.
  2. Pour cold water into a thick-walled container. There also lay the corn so that the liquid is above the product by a couple of centimeters.
  3. Put the dishes on an open fire and cook the time.
  4. Remove the finished product from the plate, cover it tightly and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  5. Remove the cobs and release them from the leaves.

Only after that you can consider that you know how to cook soft corn.

But besides the rules, there are also different wayscooking. Here, everyone chooses for himself a more suitable option for how to cook soft corn. It can be boiled in water or brought to readiness without it. Corn can also be cooked:

  • in a saucepan;
  • in a double boiler;
  • in the pressure cooker;
  • in the microwave.

In addition, you need to clearly understand for yourself what you should not do in any case:

  • You can not salt water during cooking. Otherwise, the grain will be hard. It is better to add a little sugar or butter to the water.
  • You can not cook on high fire. After boiling, the fire needs to be made smaller.

These simple rules will help anyone to figure out how to cook soft corn.

how to cook corn soft
But that is not all.There is a way that not only tells how to cook corn soft. With its help, you can achieve that the taste of the grains was more gentle. To do this, just do the following:

  1. Remove fresh cobs from leaves and fibers.
  2. Cut each of them across into 2 parts and put into a pan.
  3. Pour a mixture of cold water and milk in a ratio of 1: 1. In this state, maize should be 4 hours.
  4. After this, the cob should be cooked in water in the usual way. As a result of this preparation, the grains are very soft with a delicate creamy taste.
    how to cook juicy corn
  5. After that, the pieces can be salted, cut into small circles and fried in boiling butter. If desired, you can prepare the whole ear.

Such a corn with a crispy crust and tender taste will not leave anyone indifferent.

Undoubtedly, the usual boiled product does not differspecial aroma. After all, the cobs are cooked without any seasonings. But there is one piece of advice that will tell you how to cook juicy corn, so that even the smell already has an appetite. To do this, you need 4 uncleaned corn cobs and a half cup of water, a little butter and salt.

Everything is prepared very simply:

  1. Corn buds pre-soak in water for several hours.
  2. Form the baking grease with oil and put the whole product in it (with leaves).
  3. Pour water, wrap with foil and put in the oven for 40 minutes.
  4. At the end of the time, the ready-made cobs should be slightly cooled, cleaned of leaves, put on a dish and poured with warmed oil. Next to stand separately the salt shaker.

This option is much faster than usual and allows you to use even mature fruits.