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Delicious jelly from sour cream with gelatin: the best recipes, cooking features and reviews

All of us from childhood like light and delicious homemade desserts. Therefore, hardly any of you will refuse jelly with sour cream. The recipe with gelatin you will learn, after reading today's article.

General recommendations

It should be noted that this inexpensive treatis prepared from simple and affordable products, most of which are almost always stored in every kitchen. To create a tasty and useful dessert, it is desirable to use exclusively high-quality and fresh ingredients. Its basis is gelatin, sugar and sour cream. The latter should not be too acidic. As for its fat content, there are no special requirements.

jelly from sour cream with gelatin

In diet jelly from sour cream with gelatin instead ofsugar or powder, artificial or natural substitutes can be added. To slightly change the taste of the finished dessert, it can additionally put coconut shavings, any crushed nuts, milk, cocoa, chocolate, berries or pieces of fruit. To add a delicious flavor to the experienced chefs, zest, essences, syrups, cinnamon or vanillin are introduced into the composition of this delicacy.

Classic Edition

It should be noted that the traditional sour cream jelly(the recipe with gelatin will be considered further) is prepared with the addition of vanillin. It can be used as a separate delicacy, but can be used as a filler for various cakes and pastries. Before starting the process, make sure that your kitchen has all the necessary products. You should have at your disposal:

  • Four hundred grams of fresh sour cream.
  • Two spoons of gelatin.
  • One hundred grams of powdered sugar.

jelly from sour cream with gelatin recipe

So that you can get a tasty and light jelly fromsour cream with gelatin, the above list of ingredients should be slightly expanded. In addition, it adds fifty milliliters of water and a bag of vanilla sugar. By the way, the last component can be replaced with pure extract or essence.

Technology of preparation

In one bowl, water is combined with gelatin andput aside for thirty minutes. At the end of this time, the container filled with swollen mass is sent to a water bath and tries to melt all small particles.

sour cream jelly recipe with gelatin

In a separate clean bowl mix sour cream,vanillin and powdered sugar. Everyone is whisked well with a conventional corolla until all the smallest grains are dissolved. As a result, you must have a fairly fluid mass. At the next stage, gelatin is gradually poured into it, without ceasing to work as a whisk. The container with the resulting mixture is placed in a refrigerator. Four hours later, well-frozen jelly from sour cream with gelatin, the recipe of which we consider in today's publication, is decorated with coconut chips, fresh berries, pieces of fruit or whipped cream and served to the table.

Fruit variant

This recipe is slightly different from the traditional one.To prepare a similar dessert, a slightly different set of ingredients will be required. Before you get started, be sure to check if you have everything you need at hand. In this case, your kitchen should include:

  • A pound of fatty sour cream.
  • Twenty grams of gelatin.
  • One banana and a kiwi.
  • 250 grams of brown sugar.
  • Half an orange.
  • One hundred grams of strawberry.

jelly from sour cream with fruit with gelatin

If desired, one third of a teaspoon of vanilla extract can be added to the jelly from sour cream with fruit with gelatin.

Process description

First you need to do gelatin. It is poured into a third glass of warm water and left for about an hour. During this time he will have time to properly swell.

In a deep container filled with chilled sour cream, sugar and vanillin extract are sent. All thoroughly beaten with a mixer until the grains dissolve completely.

Pre-washed and peeled fruit cut into small pieces. Strawberries are removed from the stems in half. Too large berries are cut into four parts.

jelly with sour cream recipe with gelatin

The dishes with the swollen gelatin are placed on a plate,bring to a boil and immediately removed from the fire. The heated mass is gradually poured into sour cream and mixed well. After that, in the same container sent pieces of banana, kiwi and strawberries. Almost ready jelly from sour cream with gelatin is laid out on kremankam, covered with food film and placed in a refrigerator. After two hours, the dessert can be served to the table.

Nut variant

This recipe is interesting because it containsthere is ground almonds. So that you do not have to interrupt the cooking process and search for missing components later, be sure to check in advance if there are any necessary things in your kitchen cabinets. In your arsenal should be:

  • Half a liter of sour cream.
  • 150 grams of sugar.
  • Half a glass of roasted almonds.
  • A bag of gelatin.
  • Half a glass of milk.

First you need to do gelatin.It is poured with milk and briefly set aside. After the granules are swollen, the pan is sent to the stove and heated, not forgetting to stir constantly. Do not boil gelatin. It is important that it is completely dissolved in milk.

In a bowl filled with sour cream, pour out the sugar andcarefully beat with a mixer. In the end, gelatin is gradually poured into the resulting mass. After that, the base for the dessert is added previously ground in a coffee grinder almonds and mix well.

The resulting mixture is poured over kremankam or molds and sent to the refrigerator. After a few hours, the completely frozen jelly of sour cream with gelatin and nuts is served to the table.

Hostess Reviews

Women who regularly pamper their relatives with this light dessert say that its taste is in no way inferior to the purchased cakes. It is enjoyed not only by adults, but also by children.

As for gelatin, then with equal successcan be applied and sheet and powder version. However, most experienced housewives recommend using a second one, since it is much more affordable and easier to dose.