/ / Appetizing tomatoes: benefit and harm of the "golden apple"

Appetizing tomatoes: the benefit and harm of the "golden apple"

It is difficult to imagine our table without tomatoes.There are many varieties of tomatoes, their fruits are different taste, shape and size. Most of the juice contains red tomato, pink attracts delicious tender flesh, and yellow tomatoes are very sweet, and they are very fond of children.

Tomatoes are salted, marinated, and sauces made from them. They have long been a favorite ingredient in summer salads. What attracts us these juicy, delicious tomatoes?

the benefits of tomatoes

Benefits and harm of tomatoes are well studied by doctors andnutritionists, but this vegetable does not cease to amaze researchers until now. So, recently it was discovered a substance that can pacify the gene responsible for feeling hungry. Just one tomato eaten at dinner can prolong the feeling of satiety for 3-4 hours.

Children and tomatoes

Benefits and harm of tomatoes for a growing organism depend on the qualityfruits, as well as the age and individual characteristics of the child. Until one year, children are not fed tomatoes, as the lycopene pigment contained in them can cause allergies. Juice, sold in child nutrition departments, can be given. It does not contain extraneous impurities and is harmless to young children.

tomatoes are good and bad

As for nursing mothers,tomatoes can and should be needed if a woman does not have allergies on them. Tomatoes supply valuable substances to milk and normalize lactation. Despite a solid list of vitamins contained in the fruits, it is required to observe moderation. The daily norm for the mother is 2-3 small tomatoes or one glass of tomato juice. Of course, pickled vegetables should be excluded.

After a year, babies can be given a tomato without skin, after reaching the age of three, children can receive the whole vegetable.

In tomatoes contains so many nutritioussubstances and vitamins necessary for normal development, which makes them one of the most desirable products of the children's table. But here we must take into account that the fruits can accumulate nitrates, so home vegetables are much preferable to hothouse imported tomatoes.

tomato pink

The benefits and harm of tomatoes for men's health

A man is traditionally considered the head of the family,the earner and the defender. It is to the share of the strong half of mankind that a large number of heart attacks and strokes occur, caused by constant stresses and heavy loads. To maintain good health, they need a healthy balanced diet.

In tomatoes there is almost no fiber, but they are richiron, lemon, ascorbic and malic acids. They contain a lot of vitamins: carotene, C, B1, B2. People who regularly eat tomatoes are half as likely to have a heart attack.

Scientifically confirmed the benefits of tomatoes in combatingoncological diseases. The strongest antioxidant lycopene, the useful properties of which many times exceed the action of vitamin E, removes atherosclerotic plaques from the vessels and is effective for the prevention of prostate cancer. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells, and digested better not from fresh, but from processed fruits (juices, sauces, pasta).

If a person has kidney stones or gallstonesblister, tomatoes should not be consumed. Eaten in large quantities, they can also cause the appearance of these stones. The consumption rate should not exceed 20 pieces per week.

Female look at tomatoes

The benefits and harm of a juicy vegetable are known to women for a long time. The combination of vitamins and microelements in this vegetable is so successful, as if the fruit was specially created to maintain beauty and youth.

As a low-calorie product, tomato is often used in dietary nutrition. Its use helps to regulate metabolism, removes excess fluid from the body, removes swelling.

Serotonin and tyramine improve mood,soothe the nervous system and relieve stress. Lycopene, contained in large quantities in bright red fruits, perfectly fights with free radicals and slows down the aging process.

Women in adulthood, doctors recommend drinking tomato juice. This is a good prevention of osteoporosis.