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Restaurant "Ju-Ju": reviews, address, menu

When approaching the most fabulous and uniquea holiday for all, the question arises about where to celebrate this night as a friendly company. The recipe for a merry celebration will be a combination of an exciting program, exquisite cuisine, incendiary dances and interesting contests. You can celebrate New Year's holidays and houses in a warm company, but the best option will be a meeting at the restaurant "Jo-Ju". Address of the institution: Moscow, Smolensky Boulevard, 15.

Amazing restaurant in the heart of the capital

The restaurant "Ju-Ju" will present a fabulous atmosphere,an interesting program and amazing original dishes for the holiday. This is one of those places in the capital, where, once visiting here, the visitor will want to return again. The interior of the restaurant is different from many similar establishments. Its main feature and landmark of the third hall, and the whole institution, is the rhinoceros head, located above the white fireplace, casting thoughts about the safari.

The sound name of the restaurant is well chosen, itscan be translated as "amulet" or "amulet". It is completely connected with the concept of the interior of the institution itself. All the materials from which the walls, ceiling and floor are made are very well chosen, they are natural, cozy and warm, they just want to touch their hands. In everything, you can trace the delicate work that has been thought out to detail.

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What is he?

Domesticated Syrian carpets and paintedMoroccan plates immerse visitors during the time of colonial Africa. Fan-fans, which rotate on the ceiling, as well as pictures on the walls, depicting the life of Aborigines, colorfully fit in the interior, making even more interesting and already cozy restaurant.

The convenient location of the restaurant makes it moreaffordable for guests, and his intriguing sign in the strip will help immediately to cheer up. The whole atmosphere here is filled with home comfort, special heat is added by the decoration of the halls, made with wood, which gives peace. The heat of the family hearth is added by wicker chairs, home-style in the institution. And special, incredible coloring creates bags with seeds and vegetables, located at an open window in the middle of the hall.

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Hall selection

Each of the eight halls impressesmagnificence, and none is like the other. The very first hall is small and designed for several guests. The hall is hidden behind the cream curtain from prying eyes, so the guests feel comfortable here, and for their greater comfort there are buttons, with which it is easy to call the waiter if necessary. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail for the convenience of visitors.

On the main second floor of the restaurant visitorsan impressive spectacle opens up. The hall is fully decorated in beige tones, and only the brown ceiling hangs over the room, holding chandeliers in the form of intertwined branches. At the wall a huge cupboard contained various clay products, various cups, teapots and dishes. In the corners of the hall are spotlights, and complements the whole extravaganza melodically sounding jazz.

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The genius is simple

In one of the halls with an open kitchen specialAttention of visitors is attracted by the aquarium, in which live oysters. It perfectly complements the wall with a magnificent pattern made of shells and sea stars against the background of sand. A decorative counter with a variety of vegetables and fruits, delicious desserts like the eastern market. None of the halls is like the other.

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The restaurant "Ju-Ju" is famous for its Gardenexcellent kitchen, every home or author's dish not only taste great, but also has a special originality. The main dishes of the restaurant are meat. But fish or vegetables are also excellent here. Next to the open kitchen is a showcase with products that you can choose on your own, and then watch the preparation of the ordered dishes. In the kitchen, the products are prepared not only in a conventional oven, but also on a barbecue or on a wood stove. Therefore, the dishes are surprisingly tasty and juicy.

What can guests offer

In the restaurant "Jo-Ju" the menu is very diverse,various meat dishes are prepared in pots and pans, in clay pots and just in the heat. For visitors it is a big difficulty to choose between stew and shish kebab, steak and kebab, meatballs and cabbage rolls - all worthy of being tried. Meat dishes use pork and beef, veal and mutton, meat of lamb, rabbit and poultry. Each gourmet will be able to choose your favorite food.

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The restaurant prepares dishes of different countries of the world,so here you can always order not only Russian or French, but also Italian, oriental culinary masterpieces. It can be pizza and pasta, chebureks and okroshka, Ossetian pies or a dish of seafood, not to mention salads and delicious desserts. Therefore, the restaurant "Jo-Joo" reviews are always wonderful.

They also remember the kids here

On the little guests, the restaurant "Jo-Joo" alsotook care. For children, they offer a lot of tasty desserts and drinks, with which they are satisfied. Kids enjoy tasting tea from mountain herbs, which is not only delicious, but also useful. Delighted them leads delicious air cheesecake, which is served with the original sauce from feijoa. For those who would like to get a little distracted from the delicious dishes, they will offer objects for drawing.

The master of his craft

This is one of the best restaurants that openedArkady Novikov, the presentation took place in 2006. Then he first struck his visitors, and now continues to please all the guests. The famous restaurant is located in a convenient and accessible place. All the restaurants of the well-known restaurateur were distinguished by their eccentricity and elegance. The restaurant "Ju-Ju" (Moscow) is on the list of more than thirty opened by Arkady Novikov institutions and is considered one of the best.

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Arkady Novikov has gone from the very beginning,so it clearly understands what is required for the functioning of a popular institution. After all, good restaurants are always worth the weight of gold. After graduating from the culinary school and the Economics Faculty of the Institute of Public Catering, he worked for several years as an ordinary chef at a restaurant. Then he walked the career ladder from the deputy chef to the chef in different establishments and more and more learned restaurant art.

Success comes with perseverance

The nineties became the starting point for hissuccess, Novikov opens its first restaurant. The place immediately fell in love with visitors, and the glory fell upon the owner. He was the first in the capital to introduce his guests to the then unknown fish exotic delicacies and products, which can now be tried in almost all restaurants in the country.

But a new qualitative approach to the kitchen, atmosphere andHe introduced the interior of his restaurants into each of them. The search for new concepts, the embodiment of conceived interesting ideas have borne fruit. His offspring are not just good restaurants, they are real masterpieces. In 2002, he created his own greenhouse farm, and in restaurants, including in the "Joo Ju", began to use only fresh and ecologically clean vegetables and fruits for cooking.

Who is in charge in the kitchen

Well-chosen and the chef AlexKanevsky, who was immediately a brigadier, then became a sous-chef, after which he took the place of the chef. He was able to organize his business in such a way that, after the previous chef, the restaurant not only consolidated its former positions, but also became even more popular. According to his order in the "Ju-Ju" menu is updated every season, surprising and delighting its guests.

All dishes in the restaurant are close to home cookingnot only in cooking, but also in serving, so every customer feels comfortable here and at ease. This effect helps to achieve a beautifully chosen interior, furniture, which should be mentioned separately. Cozy sofas in stripes, armchairs woven from natural material - all this adds a certain flavor and gives warmth to the hearth. Many guests of "Jo-Ju" reviews leave not only about the dishes, but also about the reigning atmosphere in the restaurant. African motifs, which can be traced in everything, enable guests to feel like real travelers.

All for visitors

If there is a need, then the dish can becooked to order, even if it is not in the main menu. The main thing is that there are products available for its preparation. If required, for the visitors prepare lenten dishes - from simple ingredients such as cereals, vegetables, masters of their craft will prepare a real masterpiece. Therefore, about the "Jo-Joo" reviews you can hear mostly pleasant. As elsewhere, there are visitors who are not satisfied with some moments, but most of the guests are admired both for the kitchen and the interior, and for the service in the institution.

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The restaurant staff will always meet visitors witha smile and goodwill, even if some of the guests are not quite right in something, they will not argue with them and serve at the highest level. Tactiness and politeness are the main advantage of all the waiters of the restaurant. They anticipate every desire of the visitor, even being at a distance from the table. The uniform of the waiters completely complements the interior of the establishment thought out to trifles.

The best evening for the soul

Those who want to spend an unforgettable evening ina unique and pleasant environment, to feel the wonderful atmosphere of cordiality and hospitality, you must visit the amazing restaurant "Ju-Ju." Reviews of pleasant music, incredible, delicious dishes from the highly professional chefs, amazing desserts and masterpieces of cooking from the chef himself, the sensitive and cordial attitude of the waiters - all this will be remembered by every guest. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the legendary restaurant of the capital, which will present a real holiday to every visitor.