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Pleasant cheese sauce for a variety of dishes

It seems, what is gravy? Trifle!But the French will not agree with you. In the country of gourmet sauce is of great importance. Especially if it is cheesy. A true Frenchwoman, says the proverb, can do three things out of nothing: an exquisite hat, a fine dish and a grandiose scandal. Let us dwell on the second skill. Let's try to do something "out of nothing". And if we have a nice cheese sauce at our disposal, this "something" promises to be very tasty. Eggs, hard-boiled, seem to you unearthly ambrosia, if you drip on an orange yolk such gravy. Or simple potatoes. With cheese sauce in the oven, it will turn into an exquisite and satisfying dish. This gravy can be filled and salads. Fish, meat, vegetables and even fruit desserts - all this can be served under the accompaniment of cheese sauce. He is very good.

Pleasant cheese sauce

Cheap recipe

It should be said a few words beforestart to prepare the cheese sauce. Recipes of cheese sauce often describe the same cooking process, but use different grades. Cheddar, Parmesan, goat or with mold - from the type of the main ingredient will vary the taste of gravy, and with it and the whole dish. In cheese, you can mix various spices and herbs. Our first recipe is the most economical. For the preparation of this sauce, fused cheese, and any kind of solid will suit. If you have a slice of 100-150 grams in the fridge, boldly get to work.

Heat the cast-iron frying pan and lay it on it30 grams of butter. When it melts, pour a spoonful of flour. Fast stir until homogeneous. When the flour begins to stick to the bottom, we set the frying pan to cool. In a separate saucepan we warm up a glass of milk. Do not bring it to a boil, pour a thin trickle into the flour, stirring carefully to avoid the formation of lumps. In exactly the same way, we heat up and add a glass of vegetable or chicken broth. Return the frying pan to the stove, bring the liquid to a boil, stirring constantly. After that, we subtract the minimum fire and cook until thick. Now mix the grated cheese. It is important that it melts completely. And at the end, season with a nice cheese sauce with salt and favorite spices. The sauce should look like a dough for pancakes. If the mass is too steep, add butter.

Creamy cheese sauce with eggs

With cheddar cheese

Sauce is prepared in a saucepan.We begin by heating slightly more than 0.5 liters of milk. You can immediately put in it 40 grams of butter. When the milk warms up, stir with one hand, and the second one turn in the flour (two tablespoons). We bring to a boil, we reduce the fire. We continue to stir all the time in a saucepan. The mass should be homogeneous. We should have a finely grated cheddar (130 grams) at hand. Pour it into the milk, season with salt, nutmeg and black pepper. We cook another five minutes. During this time the cheddar will melt, and the mass will become completely homogeneous. This cheese sauce is suitable for meat and vegetables, casseroles, french fries and pasta.

Sauce cheese recipes cheese sauce

Roasting for sausages

One hundred grams of any hard cheese is rubbed largeshaving. We pour 125 milliliters of milk into dishes with non-stick coating. We add there a tablespoon of ready-made mustard, a pinch of basil, thyme and thyme, sugar and salt to taste. Pour the cheese. Put the dishes on a small fire. We bring to a boil, all the time mixing the mass so that the gravy is not burnt. We maintain for another couple of minutes, until the pleasant cheese sauce slightly thickens. We pour on them sausages, sausages, any boiled meat.

Cheese sauce for meat and vegetables

Creamy cheese sauce with eggs: "morne"

Despite the catchy foreign name,this gravy prepares surprisingly simply. Those who cooked the béchamel, they will notice. We dissolve butter (150 grams) in a frying pan, sprinkle two and a half spoons of flour. Stirring, bring to a golden hue, pour half a liter of milk. So we have a classic bechamel. To make it "morine", pour there 50 grams of grated Parmesan and mix it until the cheese dissolves completely. Fire under the frying pan is up to the minimum, we pour in 50 milliliters of fat cream. Remove the sauce from the fire, slightly cool and drive in turn two egg yolks. Solim and season with spices to taste. This nice cheese sauce is suitable for casseroles, but also for chicken and vegetable dishes. It is served warm, but not hot, because at high temperatures the yolks can curl up and the gravy will lose its smoothness and velvety.

Cheese sauce for fondue recipe

Cooking with the main course

It is not necessary to cook cheese sauce separately.Recipes of cheese sauce provide for their preparation together with the main course. Consider this with the example of a meat casserole made from cauliflower. We disassemble the head on inflorescences and boil in salted water for about seven minutes. We strain and transfer into a greased baking dish with an equal layer (half a cabbage). We cover with minced meat. From above put the remaining number of inflorescences. In a jar we mix warm milk, butter, flour and grated cheese. Fill this sauce with casserole, put the form in a preheated oven for forty minutes.

Cheese sauce for fondue

Recipe allows you to cook this gravy with anykind of sour-milk product. Especially delicious fondue is obtained if you use cheese with mold. So, let's bask in a glass of milk or cream. In a hot liquid, we dissolve 60 grams of cheese. Separately, we spoon a spoonful of starch in a small amount of cold milk. We put the cheese mass on the fire. Gradually introduce starch. Cook, stirring, until the sauce thickens. We add for the taste of a pinch of dried herbs - basil, dill. Salt and pepper sauce. Separately we prepare French fries. We serve fondue. Dipping the fries into the sauce and enjoy.