/ Fish and chips: cooking recipes. How to cook a real British Fish and Chips

Fish-end chips: cooking recipes. How to cook a real British Fish and Chips

Everyone knows that fast food was invented by Americans.But this does not mean that if the dish includes French fries, it certainly refers to the American cuisine. This statement can be given a complete refutation. We offer to prepare an unofficial national English dish, which includes fish, deep-fried, and French fries. Fish and Chips is a dish that combines the culinary traditions of different countries and at the same time is an integral part of English cuisine. How to make fish with potatoes, we will tell in our article.

History of the dish

It is not known exactly where I got to the Englishkitchen french fries and fish in batter. It is assumed that the tradition of frying deep-fried potatoes came from France, but fish is a local product, there were a lot of ways to prepare it at that time. But it is known for sure that the national dish became in the XIX century. At this time on popularity with Fish and Chips could not compare any other dish.

Fish & Chips recipe

Initially, instead of potatoes, the dish includedfried bread, but by the beginning of the First World War, its reserves were significantly reduced, as a result of which this ingredient was replaced with more affordable potatoes. The popularity of the dish declined only towards the end of the 20th century, but today only 60,000 tons of fish and 500,000 tons of potatoes are used for its preparation in London.

Snack bars, offering its visitors thisdish, there are many in different countries around the world. And in the Italian city of Barga in August, a special festival Fish & Chips is held every year as a sign of friendship with the UK.

How to prepare original English fish-end chips

Despite the fact that the fish-end-chip is a part ofthe menu is almost every diner, this dish is still considered a kind of street food, which can be bought in special mobile trays. According to the English version, pieces of fish and potatoes are necessarily wrapped in newspaper or magazine paper. If desired, and at home, you can cook no less delicious fish-end chips.

English Fish & Chips

The recipe for cooking suggestsuse of fresh fish of very good quality. Cod suits most. You can also use other varieties of fish with white meat: flounder, haddock, saithe. Fatty fish - salmon, trout and salmon - will not work. Potatoes must also be of a certain type - large and unrestricted, which retains its shape when fried.

Particular attention is paid to the batter.It adds a dark English ale and sifted flour exclusively of the highest grade. But the butter can be used most common, sunflower or corn. But it should be a lot. When preparing a quality meal, the savings will be inappropriate.

How to fry fish in the batter for fish and chips?

The main secret of a tasty fish batteris to cool all the ingredients well before kneading the dough. To do this, sifted flour (400 g) is sent to the freezer for 15 minutes, and ale or beer (550 ml) for at least 1 hour.

Fish & Chips Dish

While the ingredients for the batter are cooled,the fish is prepared. The fillet of cod or pollock is cut into long pieces 2-3 cm thick and dried on a paper towel. Vegetable oil is heated in a deep fryer or in a frying pan up to 185 ° C. To prepare batter in a deep dish mix flour, baking powder (3 teaspoons) and salt (½ tsp). Then add the ice ale and knead the dough for the fish-end chips.

The dish can be started to cook.Slices of fish are dipped in cold dessert and laid out on a heated pan with a lot of oil. Fry fish about 5 minutes from both sides, then immediately shifted to a plate covered with a paper towel, so that excess fat absorbed.

Recipe for potatoes in English recipe

Potatoes for fish and chips are well washed,peeled and cut into long blocks of not more than 1.5 cm thick. After that, potatoes are poured into cold water for 15 minutes. This allows you to get rid of excess starch, because of which the brusochki will develop and lose shape. Then the potatoes are dried and then they begin to fry.

fish with potatoes

The cut pieces of potatoes are dumped instarch and spread in one layer on a grate or in a sieve. Then it is lowered into boiling vegetable oil (temperature 185 ° С). The potato is fried for about 5 minutes, after which it is laid out on parchment and allowed to drain excess fat.

Garnish for fish and chips

In restaurants and fast food establishmentspotatoes with fish must be served garnish. The choice of the buyer can be offered pea puree, stewed in tomato beans, marinated cucumbers or onions. But as a drink in the UK traditionally served tea, because the British snack bar licenses to sell alcoholic beverages are not issued.

Fish with potatoes to taste perfectly blend withgreen peas. To make this garnish at home, it is necessary to fry the finely chopped mint and the green onion in butter. After a couple of minutes, fresh green peas are added to the green. Further ingredients are fried for another 5-7 minutes. Then the peas and greens are transferred to the bowl of the blender and crushed with butter until the state of mashed potatoes.

Fish-End Chips: recipe by Jamie Olivera

As a true Englishman, Jamie Oliver cancook fish with potatoes according to the original recipe, although with their own unique additions. For example, it is with the preparation of chips that his recipe for fish and chips begins.

fish and chips recipe jamie oliver

Next, the dish is prepared in the following order:

  1. Large potatoes are peeled (if desired) and cut into blocks 1 to 1 cm in size.
  2. The cut potatoes are laid out on a grid in one layer and fried in a deep fryer in a lot of oil.
  3. Claret Jamie Oliver prepares from a glass of flourvolume of 250 ml, a glass of dark cold beer, a pinch of salt, egg yolk 1 and whipped into a strong foam protein. The clay is obtained in a measure dense, homogeneous and airy. It can be used for cooking not only fish, but also vegetables, meat and other products.
  4. The fish fillet with white meat is dropped into a bowl with batter and well dipped on all sides. The famous English chef does not cut the fish into pieces, but dips it in a dough with a large piece.
  5. Fish fillet in batter drops into boiling oil for 4 minutes.
  6. Potatoes and fish are laid out on baking paper and sprinkled with sea salt.

Jamie Oliver to fish and potatoes serves pea puree, pickled egg and gherkin.

Fish-end chips from Gordon Ramsey

In the network of Gordon Ramsey restaurants, the fish-and-chips(the recipe below) is served with tartar sauce, mayonnaise or ketchup. Sauce the visitor of the institution chooses independently to your taste. It turns out very tasty fish-end chips.

how to cook fish and chips

The recipe for cooking consists in the following sequence of actions:

  1. Fish fillets of cod or pangasius are cut into long pieces 2 cm wide (in appearance, the pieces resemble the tongue), dried on paper, and then fall off in sifted flour.
  2. Potatoes are cut into slices 1 cm thick.
  3. Preparing the clay of sifted flour, beer, salt and a pinch of turmeric. The dough should be rather dense, it is good to stretch, and not to drain off the fish.
  4. Put the potatoes in the fryer with the oil heated to 180 ° C. Next is laid out the fish in batter.
  5. Ready-made potato chips and fried fish are laid out on a plate and served with sauce or wrapped in a newspaper sheet.

Home-made fish chips with tartar sauce

Tourists who visited the UK and tried real English fast food, believe that it can be reproduced at home.

fish and chips

How to cook a fish-end-chip, we will tell you in step-by-step instructions:

  1. Young potatoes are well cleaned, cut directly into the skin on thick brusochki, laid out in a bowl and filled with cold water.
  2. Fish fillets are cut into small pieces.
  3. Готовится кляр.To do this, 170 grams of sifted flour mixed with 50 g of starch, added yolk 1 egg, a pinch of salt and poured 80 ml of dark beer. In the last turn, the whipped whipped in a thick foam proteins are added to the batter.
  4. Preparing the tartar sauce.To do this, in a deep bowl, 4 boiled egg yolks are ground with a fork, a mustard (1 tablespoon), lemon juice (2 tablespoons), olive oil (3 tablespoons), finely chopped gherkins and olives.
  5. The mashed potatoes are fried in vegetable oil. Separately fried cut into small pieces of cod in batter.

Served the dish to the table with a homemade tartar sauce.

Fish and chips without beer

If you do not drink beer, this is not a reasonrefuse to prepare a traditional English dish. Fish fillet can be prepared in a different way. Regardless of this, you will get a very tasty fish-end-chip.

The recipe for cooking batter isthe following: a flour is sieved in a bowl, then a baking powder, a pinch of salt and a glass of iced soda water are added. It turns out a homogeneous and the same airy, because its secret lies in air bubbles, which are present in carbonated water, and in beer. Further, fish and French fries are prepared according to the recipes already described.