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The story of what I personally drink to whiskey, as well as other people

Perhaps there is no more noble man in the worlddrink than whiskey. The culture of drinking this barley or corn moonshine (namely, they, in fact, is this strong alcohol) can take in the description is not one volume. After all, only the types and varieties of whiskey in the world produced a huge amount. They vary by country of manufacture, aging time and brands, and depending on these factors, understanding how to drink whiskey can vary very much.

There is no single recipe for its use.In this case, the saying "to the taste and color of comrades is not" acts in full force. But it is unequivocally believed that this noble drink should not be consumed at a meal, and certainly not worth eating like vodka. A man, as a rule, says: "With what I drink whiskey I, so it's with ice."

with what I drink whiskey

Usage Options

In many English or American novelssuch a drink is usually served as a DJ, that is, a means that improves the process of digesting food that is offered to guests after dinner. Many gentlemen say this: "What do I drink whiskey with?" Usually a glass of drink is accompanied by smoking a cigar for conversation. " This is the most common combination for evening gatherings. But for non-smokers there is also room for a choice of a supplement to a glass of whiskey. Let's talk about them in more detail.

how to drink whiskey
This drink is national for severalcountries - Scotland, Ireland, America. Do not disdain them also in Canada. And in every state whiskey is different in taste and strength. Scottish barley moonshine is the strongest of all kinds of beverages. The inhabitants of the country prefer to use it in pure form. For single malt whiskey this rule is especially strict. It is necessarily drunk from massive glasses with a heavy bottom, diluted with clean water at room temperature. But the blended drink is also used in cocktails, sometimes with the addition of cola, soda water, ice or juice.

Irish variant of whiskey is more softtaste. And most of the time, true Irishmen do not tolerate the dilution of their national drink. The only kind, in addition to the pure, which in Ireland are proud - this is the signature cocktail "Irish coffee". They prefer to warm the inhabitants of this country in the cold season. In it, whiskey combines with cream, hot coffee and cinnamon.

with what juice drink whiskey
But how this drink is used in the US andCanada? A citizen of America expressed his opinion: "With what do I drink whiskey? Of course, with juice." Bourbon, or corn moonshine, which is usually produced in America, requires dilution with water or ice, juice and cola - its taste is not very pleasant. That is why other varieties in the homeland of democracy are also drunk. With what juice do they drink whiskey in this country? It is usually believed that the best choice is apple or lemon. But there is no strict etiquette rule on this matter. Canadian whiskey is very soft, so it can only be washed down with water.

Well, in general, if, of course, you want to evaluate allthe charm of this drink of good varieties, you should use it from the right glasses, in a suitable mood and exclusively in pure form. But in a cheerful company, but just under the conversation the answer to the question: "And what do I drink whiskey with?" - it is purely a matter of your taste and desire.