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Beer "Levenbrau": description, history, price

Beer "Levenbrau" is one of the mostpopular and common in the world, and for those who have ever heard about the Oktoberfest, and even more so on it, this name is almost the personification of the whole brewing of Germany. Under this brand, traditional varieties of Munich beer are produced.

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About the title

The Germans write the name of this beer as follows:Löwenbräu, and pronounced as "Lövenbroi". A Russian-speaking person, of course, is used to a slightly different reading. Essence does not change it. It is translated as "the lion's brewery." The emblem that adorns each bottle of this drink echoes with it - it depicts a golden lion. The name of its brewery is due to an ancient fresco of the 17th century, which depicts the prophet Daniel in a ditch with lions.


The first record about the "Lion's Brewery", contained in the Munich archive, is dated 1746 year.

Historians argue that the brewery Löwenbräubecame the largest in Munich in the XIX century. She owes success to the business qualities of Georg Brey, who bought it in 1818. Already in half a century the overgrown brewery of Brea produced a quarter of the volume of all Munich beer. It is believed that Bray himself came up with the legend that his shop was founded back in 1383, and thanks to his efforts in this version, many admirers of the brand willingly believe today.

In the early 1880s, Ludwig Bray built a huge beer restaurant called "Levenbroekeller" at the brewery, which still works today.

In 1997, Löwenbräu AG merged withcompeting firm Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu, which affected the production only for the better. In 2003, the joint concern "Spaten-Leuvenbroi" acquired another brewing giant - Interbrew. Later, he merged with AmBev into the InBev concern. Today the brand belongs to the brewing producer Anheuser-Busch InBev. Löwenbräu owns one of the oldest beer gardens in the world.

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Outside Germany

Beer "Levenbrau" for a very long time was produced withall the norms regulated by the medieval "Law on Purity of Beer". This in many respects caused his popularity abroad. The United States at that time already produced drinks using much more simplified technologies.

Not this fate and "Levenbrow" has not passed.The rights to the brand were bought by the American Miller brewery to produce it in the US and not to spend money on transportation. It happened in 1975. Since then, the beer "Levenbrow" began to be produced according to modern technology. However, taste, according to consumers, this did not spoil. The quality standards were still high.

Levenbrau in Russia

We also have this beer.The right to produce Levenbrau beer in Russia was acquired by Bravo International in 1999. In 2002, this brewery was bought by the Dutch Heineken, which continued production until 2004. From March 2006 to the present, the beer "Levenbrow", whose price on the Russian market is quite high, is produced in St. Petersburg at the brewery "Interbir". By the way, about the price. The cost of a glass half-liter bottle is a little less than a hundred rubles. And although it can not be said that this price refers this beer to the elite class, it can not be called budgetary. Rather, it is the upper value of the middle segment.

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For Europe, the usual bottle is 330ml. In Russia, bottles and 0.5 liter bottles are more common. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of packaging materials, including bottles and cans of various capacities. Everyone can choose what they like best. However, in our country this drink is produced so far only in glass: in bottles of 0.33 and 0.5 liters.

In addition, the beer "Levenbrow" is produced in huge kegs of 5 liters, so beer pubs and restaurants offer this drink for bottling.

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The design of dishes, as a rule, is maintained in blue-gold colors. At the most honorable place is the company's recognizable logo with the lion on its hind legs.

Characteristics of the drink

Every lover of good alcohol, who decidedto get acquainted with the new taste, undoubtedly, there will be a question about how many degrees in beer "Levenbrau". Depending on the variety, this figure is 4.3-5.9 degrees, which allows you to classify the drink as a medium strength class.

The beverage is rather dense, its density is 12%. The taste of beer is rich and expressive, it is the trademark of the brand.

Feed to the table

Professionals recommend cooling this beerbefore feeding up to 12-13 degrees. This allows to fully reveal its rich taste and aroma. Reviews about Lowenbrau beer testify that it is pleasant to drink from a thick-walled mug or a high glass beaker.

It can be served both as an aperitif andsnacks. According to consumers, this beer is a good combination of baked or roasted meat, dishes from poultry and fish, seafood. Perfectly in harmony with its rich rich taste, products cooked on the fire or on the grill. Suitable and traditional beer snacks: sharp toasts or crackers, salted nuts, dried and salted fish.

And if you want the atmosphere of this Oktoberfest, serve fried Bavarian sausages or baked home-made sausage to excellent German beer.