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Salad "Malibu": a recipe with a photo. Three kinds of salad "Malibu"

"Malibu" is a salad, the recipe of which can be placedin the category of "guests on the doorstep," since it is done literally in a matter of minutes. There are different options for cooking: with crab sticks, smoked chicken, beef and even fruits. Each of them has its own highlight, which distinguishes the salad "Malibu" (the recipe from the photo, see below) from other similar dishes. Do you know how it is cooked?

Malibu Salad

Malibu salad with chicken

This option is considered classic.It is better to take smoked chicken - this will give the dish a special flavor and aroma. Smoked chicken is very delicate and perfectly combined with a variety of products. So, we are preparing a salad "Malibu". For 2 portions you need to take 150 grams of tomato, hard cheese, smoked chicken breast and fresh cucumbers. All this we cut about the same cubes and add them to a deep bowl. Next, we take one pickled cucumber, chop it up and add it to the rest of the food, mix it, salt, pepper. Serving a flat dish is laid with lettuce leaves. On them, we lay out a ready dish. In the middle we put mayonnaise. All sprinkle with crispy croutons.

"Malibu" with Pekinese cabbage

This salad, despite the same name, hasnot much resemblance to the previous one. Products for it are taken in an arbitrary quantity. Smoked chicken cut into small pieces, Peking cabbage shred is not very small. Cheese hard varieties are cut into cubes or tinder on a grater. All the prepared ingredients are mixed in a salad bowl. Add your favorite spices. In a separate cup, mix light mayonnaise and crushed garlic. Pour the salad, stir. Baton cut into small cubes and fry in refined vegetable oil. Finished crackers spread on a napkin to glass oil. When they cool, sprinkle them with a salad.

salad malliba recipe with a photo

Fruit "Malibu"

This dish, like other salads suchcategory, is an excellent end to the holiday. Delicate milk chocolate, tropical fruits, nuts, and all this is poured with airy whipped cream - what can be more delicious? Try the fruit salad "Malibu", and you will understand what the expression "holiday of taste" means. So, to prepare this delicious dish take in the same amount of pineapple, kiwi, orange and peach. All fruits are cleaned and cut into cubes. Nuts (you can take any that you like) are ground and added to the fruit, mixed. Chocolate tinder on a grater and sprinkle salad on top. Next, the fruit is abundantly filled with lavish whipped cream. Decorate the fruit salad is recommended mint leaves.