Food compatibility

The compatibility of food is very important fornormal operation of the stomach and intestines. Often after eating, there is a feeling of tiredness and a desire to sleep. Such a desire appears because in the process of digesting food the body needs a large amount of energy. The digestive process takes more energy from the body than any physical load. That is why it is necessary to make sure that the foods consumed at one meal are easily digested and are as compatible as possible.

It is often possible to observe a picture, whendinner, a man at first eats a rich meat soup with potatoes and bread, then supplements the soup with a porridge of meat. Then all this is washed down with a sweet compote with a bun and cake. All this is stuck with an apple, as it is sincerely assumed that it is useful. In this case, such an important criterion as the compatibility of food products is not at all. As a result of such a meal, no product can be properly digested and digested. Insufficiently digested products are deposited in the form of slag and fat. Proponents of separate nutrition explain this by the fact that complete cleavage of proteins must be present in the acidic medium, for the cleavage of carbohydrates - an alkaline medium. Thus, the conditions that are necessary for the normal digestion of different products vary radically.

The compatibility of food products is clearly visible inexample of fruit. If you eat them on an empty stomach, then they are digested literally in 20-30 minutes. If you eat fruits after a meat dish, they will not just stay in the stomach for a long time, but also cause decay and fermentation processes.

Product compatibility for separate mealsit is easy to determine by a special table. Based on this table, poultry or fish meat is ideally combined with non-starchy and green vegetables. During the consumption of animal protein, it is strictly not recommended to drink alcohol, as it precipitates the pepsin necessary for digesting proteins. Leguminous plants such as beans, peas, soybeans, lentils, beans, are well combined with fats - sour cream and vegetable oil. As a source of vegetable protein, they are well combined with greens and vegetables.

Table of Food Compatibilitydefines vegetable oil as a very valuable and useful product. But this applies only to fresh unrefined oil, if it is used in raw form. In accordance with this table, products such as sugar, jams, confectionery should be avoided or consumed in minimum quantities. Such products inhibit the production of gastric juice and cause severe fermentation and decay. An exception is honey. Absorption of honey into the blood occurs approximately fifteen to twenty minutes after ingestion without any strain on the liver and other organs.

Food compatibility is very importantfactor for people seeking to lose excess pounds. Due to the fact that compatible food products pass very quickly through the digestive canal, the organism does not experience putrefactive processes and fermentation processes. Thus, there is no intoxication of the body and overall well-being improves. Dropped pounds, as a rule, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle return very rarely. In addition, such food is indicated to people who have gastrointestinal or intestinal diseases and disorders. The main shortcomings of such nutrition can be attributed to the fact that it is extremely difficult for a person to adjust to the correct diet. This requires time and strong will. In spite of the fact that the organism receives all the substances necessary for a separate diet, a person is often very hungry.