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Delicious billets for the table: how to do horseradish at home

Horseradish is an excellent seasoning for a variety of dishes.It stimulates appetite, improves digestion, makes the taste of food more intense and bright. Therefore, for a long time in many national cuisines, it was served to the table and was specially prepared in large quantities.

Mistresses for a note

horseradish at home
Acquaintance with the preparation of horseradish in domesticwe will begin with useful advice. First, the hostesses are well aware that the essential oils that are contained in the root tissues cause literally tears. He's a rancid, that fuck, in a word! However, it is very easy to cope with the problem, for example, if you do not rub the root on the grater, but pass it through the electric juicer. After that, combine the cake and juice, and the main product is ready! Easier task with the preparation of horseradish at home can and ordinary meat grinder. Just put it on the hole where you put the pieces of root, and also on the outlet neck plastic bags. And if suddenly the raw material is slightly higher than the amount you can recycle, then just freeze the excess, and then take it as needed and make a fresh horse-radish.

Seasoning classic

horseradish for the winter
Let's go into the cookinghorseradish. At home, the easiest way is this. The polylogram of roots should be cleaned, grind on a grater, only shallow (then the consistency of the product turns out to be more gentle, and it is more delicious). Or use a juicer, a meat grinder, as described above. In a glass (200 g) of warm boiled water dissolve the sugar - about 30 grams (a tablespoon with a slide), 5 grams of salt (half a spoonful of tea), cool. Pour into a bowl with horseradish, add 50 g of vinegar, preferably fruit (apple or grape), stir. Put the seasoning in sterile jars, cover with lids (plastic), store in the refrigerator. With such a preparation of horseradish at home, there can be one nuance: if it seems dry, add a little more water, but it's boiled!

Spicy seasoning, berry seasoning

recipe for horseradish for the winter
If you want to try something moreoriginal, interesting to taste, try to combine the sharpness of horseradish roots and the tart sweetness of gooseberry berries. It will be unexpected, but very appetizing. This seasoning is great for meat - fried, stewed, or jelly. By the way, according to the same recipe, horseradish preparation for winter is also possible. What you need: the same number of roots and berries - on the one hand, and sugar and water - on the other. For example, if you take 250 grams of horseradish and 250 gooseberries, then the remaining components - 100. Fruits scroll in the meat grinder. Horseradish grind better. Stir, pour in water with sugar dissolved in it. Packed in jars and stored in a refrigerator or cellar.

Seasoning with horseradish and carrots

Treat yourself to a delicious seasoning will help you herethis horseradish recipe. For the winter it can be marinated with a carrot. The distribution of products is as follows: root and root crops - 300 grams, apple cider vinegar (it is better than ordinary table, because it is more flavorful and tasty) - 60 grams, a little salt and a half glass (at your discretion) water. Horseradish, carrots, too, both products - on a fine grater. In water, dissolve the salt, dilute with vinegar, add to horseradish, stir. Spread on cans, close, store in a cool place.

And the usual horseradish, such as in the store, do with the addition of beet juice. That's all the secrets of his home cooking!