/ / Pickled lard in onion husks - take the recipe from here!

Pickled lard in onion husks - take the recipe from here!

What a miracle - this is fat!

I eat from the belly - everything is not enough for me!

According to the recipe I salt -

I will present a gift to all of you.

For example, you can prepare lard in onion husk. The recipe is pretty simple. But the fat is soft and safe for consumption. And in appearance it is very similar to smoked!

The best ingredient for this dish is baconwith a meat layer, the so-called boiled pork or brisket. You can optionally include in the recipe "liquid smoke", then your product in general will be very difficult to distinguish from the real smoked.

Salo in onion peel (recipe)

You need a pound of pork to take a glass of husks,although the more it is, the brighter the color of your product will turn out. Peel the husk thoroughly with hot water, put it in a cooking bowl and add water. Next, you should bring this "husk mixture" to a boil and boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Then add a laurel leaf (3-5 leaves), sweet pepper (10 peas), salt (1 cup), 5 cloves of garlic and lay cut into pieces of 10x5 cm fat. The pickle should completely cover the fat. If necessary, you can add water.

Now 2-2.5 hours to cook the bacon in onionhusk This recipe came to us from ancient times, when the fat was “tomily” in the oven and longer. Therefore, during cooking, you can cut a little fat for the sample: it should be well salted.

If we salt the bacon in onion peel and to tastedetermine that it is salted enough and has reached the desired softness, the pan should be removed from the heat and allowed to cool. Then the pork must be removed from the brine, remove the scales and blot the pieces with paper napkins.

Now you can rub the fat with ground pepper,garlic, pre-chopped, other spices to taste and put it in a bowl. Top the meat should be covered with a flat plate and press down with something heavy - a yoke. For oppression is quite suitable bottle of water or a clean stone, suitable in size.

Practically can be considered ready lard in onionhusk The recipe of its preparation provides only the last stage - cooling the product in the refrigerator for 12 hours. After an extra pickle comes out of it, the boiled bacon is wrapped in foil or parchment and transferred to the freezer.

There are many other recipes for salting salo. Among them are dry salting and salting in brine.

Salo in a brine (recipe)

This recipe involves salting inspecial salty spicy solution - brine. The amount of salt for a brine is determined with the help of an ancient "device" - the usual clean washed potato. It is dipped into the solution and salt is added to it in a tablespoon, immediately stirring it. As soon as the potato stops touching the bottom of the pot, hanging in the middle in the solution, it means that you no longer need to add salt.

The second important point when salting products isthe fact that salt should be used only stone, but not iodized. The third most important aspect is the selection of the original product: fat should be fresh, white in color and not from uncastrated boar. In order not to be mistaken, you need to cut off the skin when buying pork and set it on fire. The smell of burning skin should be pleasant - this indicates the high quality of the product.

Now you need to fill the fat with the resulting brine.You can use a three-liter jar, you can pot or bowl. The main thing is to make sure that the meat is completely covered with liquid. To do this, have a circle on top, which is pressed with a yoke - a load that holds fat below the level of the brine.

In this state, the fat should be about threedays at room temperature. After this time, the fat should be removed, and the brine used should be drained. Now it is necessary to sprinkle the pieces with a mixture of spices and overlay chopped garlic. For a mixture of spices suitable for different types of pepper, coriander, dry or fresh herbs. That's the whole secret of salting. It remains only to wrap the fat in a cloth or foil and hide in the freezer.