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Cheese Poshekhonsky: calorie, useful properties, description

Cheese is a very useful product, itsThe use is recommended by doctors, it is desirable to do it daily and regularly, observing the measure. Everyone knows about the famous European cheese makers and their classical traditions used in the manufacture of such products. Connoisseurs praise Dutch and French cheeses with mold for their piquancy and interesting taste. Such products are served on holidays and events of different nature. Many of the cheeses are popular as snacks. For example, with the "Philadelphia" are accustomed to make rolls and sandwiches, others are served in the form of cuts, decorated with honey and grapes. There are certain varieties that are added to salads and main dishes.

It is currently difficult to surprise guestsexotic names of cheeses. For feasts selected cuts from the most savory varieties. This is done in order to show the status of the hosts who set the table.

What is the cheese named for?

Poshekhon cheese

Successes of domestic cheese makers remainundetected, and absolutely in vain. Products of our production are rarely demanded by the masses, but this does not mean that their quality is worse than popular. In the Yaroslavl region there is a town called Poshekhonye. Its history goes back several centuries. The town of Poshekhonye is known for its ancient temples, as well as the quality product, named after the city. Meet the "Poshekhonsky" cheese.


How did this product come about? Now we find out.A resident of Poshekhonya, whose name was Pavel Anatolyevich Avdienko, worked at the local cheese-making factory for many years. As a result, he became the founder of the production of this very product. He carefully and in detail investigated the history of the development of cheese-making in Russia and Holland, in order to create the “Poshekhonsky” cheese, based on the existing knowledge.

Before Avdienko stood a difficult productiontask. He needed to shorten the ripening period of Dutch cheese, but to preserve the taste and features in full. He constantly experimented with the ingredients. This led to the creation of a unique cheese - Poshehonsky.

It is noteworthy that Avdienko is constantlyconsulted and exchanged advice with the notorious German specialist in the manufacture of Dutch cheeses and, concurrently, the professor of Moscow R.E. Gerlach. The production of Poshekhonsky began in the Soviet Union in the postwar years. At this scarce time, every product was very valuable. That is why the masters of this case from Yaroslavl, under the leadership of Avdienko, decided that they would produce new “Poshekhonsky” cheese from pasteurized or normalized milk.

Poshekhonsky cheese calorie content

This product has a low fat content.This makes the process of making cheese cheaper. For the production of Poshekhonsky cheese, special bacterial starters are added to cow's milk, as well as rennet. This product ripens in only about thirty days, which is quite small in comparison with other varieties. Release it in the form of white round heads. The cheese has a range of colors from white to light yellowish, there are oval or round eyes at the cut, called holes.

Poshekhonsky cheese: calorie and healthy properties

Comparing poshehonsky cheese with products similarvarieties, we can conclude that he has a low energy value. Poshekhonsky cheese, whose caloric value is three hundred forty-four kcal, has no more than forty-five percent fat.

cheese photo

Cheese is a product of fermentation, and bacteria,which are present in it, in the intestine have a beneficial effect on the body. The product contains a lot of calcium, which prevents the development of caries. Cheese "Poshekhonsky", whose composition is significantly different from many other varieties of cheese, does not contain lactose, and therefore it is perfectly digested and allowed for use by people of any age.

As it is?

С хлебом его лучше не кушать.For example, together with a loaf the cheese consumed is poorly absorbed by the body. You can make a sandwich only with grain or black bread, and not to use butter for it. Cheese goes well with vegetables, especially fresh ones, such as, for example, tomatoes. Twenty or thirty grams of cheese per day - the daily rate for any adult. If the product is covered with mold, it should not be consumed in any way, even if the peel is cut.

Important note

Cheese quality is getting worse lately.Manufacturers are guided by technical indicators in production, ignoring GOST. Stabilizers are used instead of milk fat more often. Cheese produced using stabilizers and not containing dairy fats is an imitation. On such a product will be the inscription "Poshehonsky IT."

Poshekhon cheese

This Poshekhonsky cheese, the price of whichis about 250 rubles, it turns out to be much cheaper than many other European ones, such as Dor Blue or others, which does not make it less tasty or of high quality.

Determine the quality

At home, determine the content in the cheesevegetable fat is possible if you hold the slices at room temperature for several hours. In this case, pre-cut it into small pieces. Vegetable fat from the cheese product will release moisture, visible on the surface in the form of small drops. This will be evidence that it is used in its production.

Color, smell, taste and aroma

Cheese "Poshekhonsky" has a wonderful aroma andspicy and sour taste, reminiscent of milk. The color of the product is white, although it should be close to saturated milk. The producer gives brighter tones to cheese due to the use of carotene - a natural natural dye (found in carrots and other bright vegetables).

Poshehonsky cheese price

To be a representative of hard rennet cheeses, he needs to be made about forty-five days. Note that the composition of this product does not include milk powder.


Now you know what Poshekhon cheese is, you can see a photo of this product in our article. We hope that the information provided on this page will be useful to you.