/ How to replace Parmesan in Caesar? What kind of cheese can be replaced with Parmesan?

How to replace Parmesan in Caesar? What kind of cheese can be replaced with Parmesan?

The cheese component in the dishes determines their taste,uniqueness and uniqueness. Nutter in a salad cheese of another grade - got a completely new snack. Very many dishes of Italian cuisine as an ingredient indicate Parmesan. Experts believe that this cheese is just an opening in cooking, which made it possible to obtain from the traditional dishes a very exquisite taste. However, our hostesses regularly look for what to replace the Parmesan. And it's not only about the high cost, but also in fakes: it's a shame to spend a lot of money, and then accidentally find out that the valuable product was made "on the knee" by cunning falsifiers.

than to replace Parmesan
It also happens that there is simply no place to buy real Parmesan cheese. What to replace it in this case - is not a matter of caprice, but of necessity.

Features of Parmesan

This cheese is slightly different from other solidvarieties. First, it is not covered with a wax layer - the crust on it matures naturally, so the cheese does not need to be removed before it “enters” into the dish. Secondly, its structure is fragile, granular and brittle, and therefore melted cheese forms a smooth crust and does not stretch with thread. So if the dish that you are going to prepare, requires exactly this type of melting, the question of what to replace the Parmesan, you can not even raise: any other cheese will "stretch."

Parmesan than replace
Thirdly, this Italian product is greatIt is combined with fruits (pears, grapes, kiwi, peaches, figs, apples). Probably, you can choose what to replace parmesan in fruit salads, but you have to experiment and try. And for an exquisite delicacy - cheese in chocolate - definitely have to fork out for the original: nothing else just does not suit the taste.

Parmesan Benefits

Any cheese is useful because it is a supplierproteins with a low fat content. Parmesan is no exception in this regard. Moreover, it contains badly needed acids, and by the amount of vitamins it will “surpass” even complex pharmaceutical preparations. The difference from other types of cheeses is that Parmesan is extremely low calorie. And if you are following your kilos, it’s not your way to look for how to replace Parmesan with cheese. You will not find the same diet product. In addition, butyryl acid (a substance that promotes the breakdown of fats) is also contained only in Parmesan.

The Parmesan is not good

This cheese has its drawbacks.First of all, he is pretty salty. Parmesan heads are aged in salt “baths” for several weeks - naturally, cheese absorbs a significant amount of salt. Accordingly, people who limit themselves in it according to the evidence of health, should think carefully about how to replace Parmesan.

Parmesan cheese than to replace

So should those who are inclined tomigraines: this cheese includes a substance that causes their attacks. By the way, besides Parmesan, Roquefort also has this property; the remaining cheeses are quite harmless in this regard. Parmesan is no less dangerous for those with diathesis. Well, the last category of people who are interested in what kind of cheese can replace parmesan are those who simply do not like its taste. And, let's say in secret, they are not so few.

If used baby

The easiest way is to find a “deputy” ifThe recipe requires shredded Parmesan. How to replace it in this case depends on the type of dish. For melting (pizza, casseroles, lasagna), the Lithuanian “Rokiskis” and “Djugas”, hard Dutch cheese (of almost any manufacturer, if you are sure of it) will fit without any special damage to the taste. Many cooks very much approve of such dishes and Russian cheese - it melts great, the taste has a pronounced, but not intrusive.

what cheese to replace parmesan

A good choice of what to replace parmesan insalads will be gruyere, emmental, grano padano. However, when you buy them, you won't be able to save much - these cheeses, if they are, of course, natural, are also expensive. The only exception is the Emmental, it is not necessarily Swiss made, and our analogs are not bad at all. In those dishes where the cheese is needed spicy, something from the pecorino family will do, but, again, the real one will cost you a lot of money.

If Parmesan is required

This situation is a bit more complicated.In such dishes it is very important taste subtleties, that is, the "deputy" should resemble Parmesan cheese. How to replace it is difficult to decide: the choice is significantly reduced. Somewhat reminiscent of Parmesan structure, grain and piquancy again, "Grano Padano." True, it is somewhat more brackish, but only a professional taster or a fanatical lover and connoisseur of cheeses can determine this. Slightly more distant from Parmesan, but also somewhat similar to him in the nutty taste and elegant flavor of the Gruyere (if it is real Swiss). In terms of color, it is not similar to Parmesan, too yellow, but in the form of plates it will be a good substitute.

what to replace parmesan in caesar

The worst is if parmesan is required.fairly large cubes. In such dishes you will have to either buy the original product, or dare to spit on conventions and replace it with your favorite variety.

What is included in the classic Caesar salad

Этот салат, с одной стороны, настоящее work of culinary art. On the other hand, the question of how to replace Parmesan in the Caesars (or some other component) gives rise to real battles between traditionalists and experimenters. To begin with, we will determine what the real correct Caesar consists of.

  1. Garlic. They should be smeared with a plate - for the aroma, but without bitterness and the subsequent "exhaust" from the mouth of a gourmet.
  2. Romaine lettuce". For lining plates.
  3. Egg, cooked for exactly a minute and remained virtually liquid.
  4. Olive oil - certainly cold and only the first spin.
  5. Parmesan. Rubs finely and poured on lettuce sprinkled with butter.
  6. Lemon juicepressed right into the salad.
  7. Crutons - something like tiny toasts, first fried, then dried in the oven.
  8. Worcester sauce - just a few drops.
    what kind of cheese can replace parmesan

On the one hand, it would seem, nothing specialcomplex. On the other hand, only a certain sort of salad, the egg is usually digested, croutons resemble ordinary crackers ... And where can I get parmesan and the notorious sauce?

What and what is replaced in the Caesar

Our people are not for nothing respected all over the world for their ingenuity. His interpretations make it possible to get the intended result with a minimum of effort.

  1. Garlic is not spread on a plate - its juice is squeezed onto croutons or into a dressing.
  2. No one is looking for leaves "Romain" - any salad is taken, and even Peking cabbage.
  3. Eggs are put in our Caesar raw: they are whipped with olive oil.
  4. Lemon juice is not a problem to press, but our cooks, again, add it to the sauce.
  5. Kruton is just a name. Instead of them, croutons from bags are quite suitable (it is advisable to dry them yourself nevertheless).
  6. The main question is “What is replacing Parmesan in Caesar ?!” - is decided at the discretion of each. Many experimental chefs assert that the best substitute will be cheeses like “Altai” or “Soviet”.

The only thing that can not be replaced - Worcestersauce. Given that its composition includes 26 components, this is not surprising. So you still have to look for him - it is certainly a rarity than Parmesan. What to replace this cheese, we have already told.