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What it is - "Chum" (restaurant, Tyumen)?

Why go to a restaurant? To eat, of course.Sometimes in such institutions celebrate family holidays: weddings, anniversaries, promotion. But it happens that they go to eat, but find themselves in the museum. Usually this happens to those who decide to visit the "Chum" restaurant. Tyumen is a northern city, therefore it is not surprising that the exhibits of this museum tell about the way of life and culture of local people. Yes, and the dishes that offer visitors have a special color.

Chum Tyumen restaurant

Than treat

Еду здесь готовят из даров Севера.And the local places are generous for the beast, fish, forest mushrooms and berries. Recipes for cooking are also truly Siberian. Here you can try ravioli from game, patties from elk, stroganina and much more. Do not think that because of the northern climatic conditions, the range of dishes offered will be meager. On the contrary, the restaurant "Chum" (Tyumen) offers a very large menu. And all the dishes are prepared before serving. Cooks working here are highly qualified, and northern food is their hobby. No wonder they go on tour with their dishes. In other cities, too, want to join the local culinary.

Chum Tyumen restaurant photo

Children's menu

Everything that will be eaten here is undoubtedlyis a model of folk cuisine. National food addictions are reflected even in the children's menu. For cooking use, for example, muksun, lingonberries. The authors of the menu came up with original names that could interest the children and make them want to see what the “Taiga hedgehogs” or “The Merry Nerpa” look like. There is no doubt that all this is very appetizing, there will be no problems with feeding the baby.

How to prepare

Adults can try the originaldelicacies prepared according to the rules of reindeer herders living in the Far North. Many people know that they eat raw meat there. Yes it is. But they are eaten in winter, but in the summer they smoke or dry the meat, for this purpose the game pieces are strung on the gut strings. Garnish do not eat. Meat satisfies the body's need for vitamins and proteins. In harsh conditions, such a nourishing and nutritious food that requires a minimum of processing is necessary for survival. These are the original snacks offered by Chum (restaurant, Tyumen). Drinks are fruit drinks made from cranberries, sea buckthorn or lingonberries. Desserts also use fresh wild berries. For the preparation of other dishes use different types of game: deer, venison, duck, wild boar, quail. They are especially good from the chef.

According to the rules of the northern peoples, the planer is preparingthe woman is the mistress. Chum (a restaurant, Tyumen) does not depart from this tradition. The chef of this institution is a woman. She perfectly mastered the skills of northern masters in cooking meat and fish. When she holds the knife along the fish carcass, a strip of sliced ​​planed meat turns out very thin. Just the way it should be. According to the plan, planer should melt in your mouth. A special dish of the chef is a venison stew or wild boar.

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Take with you

It is often bought as part of giftsets that can be purchased for loved ones or friends. Such souvenirs will delight any gourmet. In addition to stewed game, “Chum” restaurant (Tyumen) offers to take with it as a keepsake or as a gift jam from blueberries, sea buckthorn, strawberries, raspberries, cowberries, black currants, crowberries, honeysuckle, black chokeberry, Coniferous, and various tinctures based on natural ingredients. You can also include Siberian teas, pine nuts with honey, and pickled mushrooms as part of the set. All this magnificence is beautifully and originally decorated.

restaurant museum chum tyumen

Delicious food is not everything

Restaurant-museum "Chum" (Tyumen) of great importancegives the interior and exterior design. Already on the way to the restaurant, it becomes clear that something unusual is waiting inside. The interior decoration is a household items and culture of the northern peoples. The walls are decorated with stuffed animals. The main decoration of the hall is the chum. Inside it is a table. Anyone can relax and eat in an unusual setting for an additional fee. For this you need to make a preliminary order.

Those who want to quickly see how it looks"Chum" (restaurant, Tyumen), the photo in the article will help with this. But you can feel the uniqueness of the atmosphere of this place only by visiting it yourself. Perhaps that is why it is visited by famous people, and not once. For example, Alexander Rosenbaum comes here when he comes to perform in Tyumen. The popular composer and singer relished the local cuisine. He especially liked pickled mushrooms. Foreigners come into the restaurant to get acquainted with Russian cuisine.

Who will like it

No matter who visited him, a resident of our country orguest from abroad. The main thing is that there are no indifferent. In their reviews, someone notes the originality of the interior, someone liked the food, someone was delighted with the design of dishes. Service here is also at the proper level. The waiters work in national clothes. No wonder this original restaurant was filmed on television and written about it in magazines. Moreover, the inspection inspector "Revizorro" he went perfectly well. And this is not so easy. The presenter notices every speck of dust and checks the cleanliness of the room in white gloves.

Restaurant Chum Tyumen menu

The main thing that all visitors mark isFriendly welcome and friendly attitude to guests. This restaurant has already become a local landmark. Travelers mark it as a must-see when they go to a far northern city. It should be noted that in the walls of the restaurant often hold different events, although the room is designed for only 25 people of visitors. In an unusual setting, under the pleasant music, time flies by. How to get to the restaurant "Chum" (Tyumen)? The address is simple: Tyumen, Malygina Street, 52/12.