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How to choose garnets to enjoy delicious taste

Late autumn or early winter - just in time forthe beginning of seasonal colds - the medicine begins to arrive at the counters of our markets. These glossy fruits, called grenades, are full of scarlet kernels. Their juice is extremely useful not only for colds, but also heals other diseases well. But how to choose the right grenade? After all, this is not an apple, which immediately shows whether it is good or bad. And often we, having bought a beautiful glossy fruit, experience a cruel disappointment, finding in the middle of emptiness and small white and sour seeds. To protect yourself from poor-quality purchases, let's learn the intricacies of determining the ripeness of pomegranate by eye.

How to choose grenades

Vitamin Grenade

Contrary to popular belief, garnet is notfruit. With the bomb exploding, the berry is related to the fact that in the ripe form it tends to crack. Then from it seeds poured out, which, having got on the fertile soil, give life to a new tree. This plant has long been known in the Middle East and Egypt, but the name was invented by the Romans: "granatum" means "granular" in translation. He was popular in the Middle Ages. In ancient times, people not only knew how to choose grenades, so that they were delicious, but how to treat them. After all, this berry is considered in the East a symbol of longevity and good health. And the point here is not only that a lot of vitamins are stored in scarlet vitreous pomegranate seeds. In this plant, everything is useful: the bark, roots, leaves, flowers and even bones - a storehouse of essential oils.

How to choose the right grenade

Indications for use

The grenade contains five rare amino acids,which enrich the body with protein quantitatively, and vitamins qualitatively. Vitamin P strengthens blood vessels, B6 improves brain activity and memory, B12 together with iron, which is also contained in garnet, is invaluable for hematopoiesis and treats anemia. In 100 grams of grains only 70 kcal, so there is a diet containing information on how to choose garnets as the main ingredient for the diet. Very useful berry for hypertensives, because the potassium contained in it lowers the pressure and has a beneficial effect on the system of blood vessels and heart. Ruby berries perfectly treat intestinal dysbacteriosis, colds, stimulate appetite, remove toxins and protect the skin from free radicals. Crimson garnet flowers are used for medicinal decoctions in tumors and intestinal disorders. In the bark, leaves and even the skin of the fruit there are tannins and alkaloids. Therefore, the decoction of these parts of the plant is used as an antihelminthic agent, with diarrhea, and also as a lotion of rotting wounds.

In which cases should you abandon the fruit or limit it to a small number?

But there are a number of contraindications with whichYou should read before choosing grenades for food. First, it's gastritis with high acidity. In people with this disease, pomegranate juice can cause a stomach ulcer. Hypotonics should limit themselves to the use of this berry, as it significantly lowers blood pressure. If you want to pamper yourself with freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, drink it through a tube, as it can disrupt the integrity of the tooth enamel. Since the berry has a diuretic effect, people with kidney failure should also not abuse it.

How to choose a grenade in the store

How to choose a grenade in the store

Well, now we turn to the practical part.As we have already noted, the beautiful appearance of the fruit does not guarantee you the same pleasant filling. Quite the contrary. A glossy, even crusty crust indicates that the fruit is not ripe. A good ripe pomegranate should be slightly dried. That is, its crust can be dense, dry, slightly rough and remind the old parchment. But on the other hand, it should not have dark spots and be too wrinkled. This means that the pomegranate is not dried on the tree, but in the warehouse or during transportation. Fruit color does not matter much in how to choose grenades. "Bombs" can be a variety of shades: from pale pink to pistachio and maroon, almost brown. Therefore, you need to rely on other signs.

How to choose sweet pomegranate

How to choose sweet pomegranate

Take the fruit in your hand.You should feel a significant weight for its size. The crust must densely adhere to the seeds hidden inside, as if to cover the fruit box. When pressing (if the seller will allow you such an experiment) in a ripe grenade you will hear a slight crunching. Naturally, the crust should be free of damage and rotting spots. A good garnet does not smell. But the tail of his ripeness is eloquently told by the tail and the "crown". Where there used to be a flower, there were four triangular sepals. This crown should be leathery, opened and dry. Sometimes the fruit can be seen tail (but it may not be). This is a cutting with which the berry was attached to a branch. This tail should never be green, but only brown, dry. And the last: the fruit should be firm to the touch.