/ How to decorate a child 's cake for a birthday?

How to decorate a child's cake for a birthday?

Birthday is a fun holiday, and in childhood andeven more so. By a small age the baby was added a year - and this is already an occasion for pride. We call for the celebration of his friends and girlfriends, and, of course, we understand that the children will not come to salad "Olivier" to eat or evaluate the jellied.

Children's birthday cake
The main highlight of the festive table will be a cakechild's birthday. How can you cook it, to be tasty, and most importantly - interesting? After all, for a baby, decoration is no less important than the ingredients of a confectionery product. Here are the recipes for how to celebrate the first anniversary of the life of your little girl, two, three, and so on.

Infant cake "Tiramisu"

We are only a year old, so we do not eat everything yet.Take the baby cookies, quickly dip it into the milk mixture, lay it flat on a flat plate. On this basis, put a layer of curd, and on it - fruit or berry puree. The top layer should again act softened in milk cookies.

Cake for children on the birthday of "Machine"

Двухлетний карапуз уже ценит замысловатые toys, so the nail of the solemn table can take the form of a typewriter (for a boy) or a princess (for a girl). We spread the silhouette with the same cookies, but shifting each layer of fruit puree. We grease the top of the product with baby curd (for example, Agusha brand).

Children's birthday cakes
Pay close attention to details:make wheels and headlights, as well as curls of princess hair, from “Snail” marmalade, in the body of the machine or in the hands of the doll, put the mushroom cookie. The remaining small fragments, such as eyes, mouth, etc. make with the help of dragee "M & Ms".


Great cake for kids birthday!Especially if your baby "knocked" three or four years! Knead shortbread dough, form tubes into it, in the middle of which place the pitted cherries, bake until ready. Separately, make an oil cream. On a flat tray, build a "hut" using tubes, like logs. Grease them with cream for sustainability. Something light should act as a roof - a wafer sheet smeared with cream or chocolate icing.

Cake children's birthday girl of primary school age

Homemade birthday cakes
We bake biscuit dough, which wasmixed coconut chips, in the form of a regular cake (with a hole in the middle). Cut into two or three layers, soak each of them with cream or cottage cheese cream. In the middle of the design we place a Barbie doll of this size so that the cupcake looks like a puffy skirt on it. We decorate her outfit with cream, dragee, sugar topping, halves of raffaello candies.

Showing imagination and creative approach, you canDecorate children's cakes for boys' birthday. The technique of decorating the glaze will help you create a culinary masterpiece "Spiderman". To do this, cover the top of the product with melted white chocolate. Cool to full frosting. Then melt the chocolate (preferably black) in a water bath, draw it into a syringe without a needle and draw a spider web on a white background.

Homemade birthday cakes are optionalmust be baked. They can also be made from sweet corn sticks, filling a hill with a mixture of two glasses of chilled fat sour cream, a glass of sugar and a gram of twenty gelatin. Fruits from syrup and various “sprinkles” will decorate any cake and make it memorable.