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The easiest anthill cake recipe from childhood

Shortbread dough is perfect forcooking various types of cookies and cake layers for cakes. From it, you can create culinary masterpieces not only in the factory, but also at home, and it does not require special skills. The dough is prepared very simply and quickly enough. Thus, in a very short period of time, you can prepare cookies and the anthill favorite cake, the recipe of which will be given below.

To make shortbread dough you needa pack of butter or margarine, that is, at least 200 g, a glass of sugar and flour - 600-800 g, that is, 3-4 cups. Butter or margarine must be melted a little, for this it is put in a warm place for half an hour. There is no need to wait for the appearance of the liquid, softness can be considered sufficient to make it easy to grind the mass with sugar. The mixture is brought to a uniform state, after which flour is added. To cook an anthill cake afterwards, the recipe can be a little different by adding eggs. One egg will be enough. After thorough mixing, baking powder is added to the dough (you can simply mix the citric acid and baking soda separately in the palm of your hand), mix it again, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for an hour.

Cook the cake anthill, dough recipe forwhich has already been brought in, you need to scroll through a meat grinder or rubbed through a large grater of dough, so you do not need to keep it in the freezer. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the lump dims a bit, which in itself makes up the process.

Scrolling the dough through a meat grinder, you canCook both cake and cookies. The only difference is that the biscuits will often need to cut the outgoing straw. For a cake, on the contrary, it is better to make straws as long as possible so that it is easier to break. Nevertheless, an anthill cake can be made from cookies, the recipe is the same, all the difference is in convenience. If there is no desire to twist the dough or rub it, then they simply cut out fancy figures with the help of forms or with a regular knife. It is necessary to try if there are children in the house, since for them it will be an additional reason for drinking tea.

In any case, the dough is baked at 180 ° C tothe appearance of golden brown. It is important not to overdo it, so as not to make crackers. If the goal was the preparation of cookies, then at this stage the process can be considered complete, however, you will have to tinker if the anthill cake was conceived. The recipe requires you to manually crush the resulting dough into small pieces. Separately, you must prepare the cream by adding boiled condensed milk to the whipped butter. When the mass is homogeneous and fluffy, it is mixed with the prepared pieces and placed a slide.

Similarly, cook and cake anthill. The recipe has no differences, however, it is recommended to make smaller pieces, as in this case it will resemble a cake in miniature.

In some cases, the cream is prepared without cream.butter, but then you need more condensed milk, and the impregnation will be worse. Regardless of the cake or cake ant hill recipe was reproduced, it is necessary to decorate pastries with chocolate, grated nuts, powdered sugar and other things. For a children's holiday, it is better to arrange the cake in the shape of a bear head, make an inscription and not forget about decorative candles.

Даже если песочное печенье осталось, и никто не wants to eat it, you need to make a cake from an anthill cookie. The recipe has already been told, it remains only to show imagination in the design, because the slide is a classic from which to retreat, especially in cooking.

The main rule in preparing a cake or cake according to this recipe is not to eat right away, since the cream must be absorbed into the shortbread closely. Otherwise, the taste will be completely different.