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Spicy cabbage for the winter - savory snack

Salted cabbage on the table - it's always delicious andappetizing. This dish can be called national, and not only in Russia. There are many ways to prepare, of which a lot has already been said. But I want to say about how the cabbage is cooked for pickled marinated for the winter. Here you can use white cabbage or Peking cabbage. It turns out an acute, moderately juicy snack.

Spicy cabbage for the winter

Cabbage with horseradish

We take white cabbage and cut it into largeslices. Then we spread it in a container, shifting with the chopped garlic. A pod of bitter pepper is cut finely, and the greenery of parsley is shredded. They also lay between the layers of cabbage. If desired, you can use beetroot. She will give the snack an unusual color. Horseradish is passed through a meat grinder and added to the rest of the ingredients. Now we need to prepare a pickle. For 4 liters of water we put 200 grams of salt and sugar. All boiling and a little cool. We fill the brine with cabbage. From above it is necessary to put pressure. We keep it for two days in a room, and then we move it to the cold. For 8 kilograms of cabbage you need 100 grams of garlic, 100 grams of fresh parsley, 100 grams of horseradish and a pod of bitter pepper. Sharp cabbage for the winter turns out to be moderately bitter.

Cabbage spicy for the winter recipes

Chinese cabbage

This is a recipe for Korean cuisine.Such cabbage can be cooked almost in any season, but the best time for harvesting is in autumn. It will take 3 kg of Peking cabbage, three heads of garlic, 250 grams of salt and red hot pepper. First of all, we choose the right cabbage. It should be an average degree of maturity, white with green leaves on the edges. We cut the middle heads into two halves, and the large ones into four parts. This spicy cabbage for the winter is used in the preparation of other dishes. Now, each leaf should be rubbed with salt. To the leaves are opened, we lower the cabbage into the water, and then shake it. We put the head out with salt in a container for pickling. We stack very tightly. They will reap for a day in the room. After that, we wash the cabbage a little from the salt.

Marinated cabbage for the winter

Prepare a paste of pepper and garlic.For this, they are scrolled in a meat grinder. We take these two ingredients in equal proportions. This is a spicy cabbage for the winter, so the filling should be bitter. Now each sheet is rubbed with this mixture, distributing it very carefully. Spread the cabbage back into the container for pickling and leave in the room for a day. Then we spread it into jars. Spicy cabbage for winter is removed to a cold place.

Spicy cabbage

Similarly, you can prepare and whitecabbage. For this we take it and divide it into large parts. We raise the brine in the proportion of 500 grams of salt per bucket of water. Soak cabbage in it for 12 hours. Then pull it out and squeeze it lightly. We take a container for pickling and put a layer of cabbage into it. Make a mixture of garlic and hot pepper, as in the previous recipe. Each layer of cabbage is shifted by this mass. We put oppression from above and leave it for three days. After that, the cabbage will be ready for the winter. Recipes for cooking have only minor differences.