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What are the benefits and harm of green onions?

The benefits and harm of green onions have been studied for a long time. After all, such a product is the most popular edible cultural plant, from the use of which no one can refuse.

It should be specially noted that this ingredient along withwith dill and parsley is very often used as a seasoning. And such fragrant spices are prepared extremely easily. To do this, just collect the greens, wash it well, dry it for five to seven days, and then rub it into powder, put it in a paper or plastic bag and, if necessary, add to the dish.

Benefit and harm of green onions
Of course, such a fresh product is muchmore useful than a dried or frozen analogue. That is why spring onions are valued in gold in winter. But to grow it at this time of year, you will need a huge space with earth and greenhouse conditions. In this regard, green onions in the cold season are most often purchased in stores.

Benefits and harm of green onions: what are they?

It has been known for a long time that thefeathers of a cultural plant contain a large volume of vitamins and trace elements, which are extremely necessary for the human body for a full-fledged existence.

Benefits and harm of green onions: can it be used for colds?

green onions good and bad
During the treatment of influenza or acute respiratory viral infection, a green onioncan play a dominant role. After all, this product has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which in a matter of hours contribute to the elimination of pathogenic bacteria. That is why during the period of respiratory diseases doctors recommend to include as often as possible in your diet green onions. It can be added to garnishes, goulash, salads, pies, and even simply with wheat bread and salt.

Benefits and harm of green onions: amazing facts

In this vegetable plant in large volumecontains such an important mineral for the body, like zinc. In this regard, regular, but moderate consumption of green onions can positively affect the reproductive status of women and men. In addition, this product helps to strengthen the nail plates and hair follicles.

spring onions in winter
Do not forget that the green onions, likeno other plant is rich in vitamin C. This is why, with the first symptoms of a cold, it is recommended immediately to eat a few arrows of this product. Also, according to doctors, green onions have a positive effect on the heart muscles, strengthening the walls of their vessels.

Green onions: benefit and harm to the body

How can such a plant help a person, wefound out. However, this product has another side. After all, if you eat it in large quantities and on an empty stomach, then it can lead to the occurrence of such common diseases as ulcer of the intestine or stomach, gastritis, increased acidity, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, inflammation of the pancreas, etc. In this regard, such an acute edible plant is strictly forbidden to use to those who are at risk.