/ Sandwich with sausage: caloric content. Nutritional Value of Basic Ingredients

Sandwich with sausage: caloric content. Nutritional Value of Basic Ingredients

Proper nutrition has become the main trendour time. We try not to eat too much, divide portions into several frequent receptions, constantly drink water with lemon and do everything that we are so strongly recommended on the Internet. However, such councils are strictly carried out only by housewives. Work, study, business meetings - sometimes you want to eat right, but you can not. Salvation is only a sandwich with sausage, calorie at such moments do not even care. Still, it's better than starving. Although the issue of calories is very interesting.

sandwich with sausage calorie content

How high are the ingredients of a sandwich?

Probably, before answering the question, how manycalories in a sandwich with sausage, it is necessary to disassemble this simple dish for components. After all, from what kind of product will be used, its energy value depends. Typically, the sandwich contains bread, white or black, as well as sausage and cheese.

Caloric content of bread

As we know, bread alone is availableseveral varieties. Rye, wheat, with bran, white - the choice is not limited to anything. Unless energy value, which is so carefully calculated by all the slimming. Therefore, analyzing what a sandwich with sausage has caloric content, the first thing is to turn to its basis - bread.

In general, flour products are the mostcaloric, so you need to be as careful as possible with them. For example, bread with bran is the most caloric - about 230 kcal per 100 g of product. Borodinsky - somewhere 207. Rye - 165. Of white bread, the most caloric - wheat. It contains as much as 242 kcal. More, perhaps, the one that has additives in the form of dried fruits and nuts. Its energy value can reach 342 kcal.

sandwich with sausage and cheese calories

But there is one good news:Counting on what a sandwich with sausage has caloric content, pay attention to the fact that the whole value is determined by 100 grams. One piece of bread at the same time weighs about 60 grams. And, therefore, instead of 165 kcal, we get 99. We must also say that, depending on the recipe, the value of the product also changes, so it's better to use the information on the package.

Caloric content of sausage

Varieties of sausages there is a greata bunch of. And their energy value can fluctuate from 180 to 600 calories. It all depends on whether you chose a dietary doctorate to pamper yourself, or stopped at the most caloric - smoked bacon. This factor is very important. That is why sandwiches with smoked sausage are not recommended for those who follow their figure. By the way, the most dietary is poultry meat, therefore, choosing a chicken sausage, you do not risk to gain extra pounds. The value of such a meat product is only 180 kcal per 100 g of product.

sandwiches with smoked sausage
Но и здесь следует помнить некоторые правила.Counting on the caloric content of a sandwich with sausage, take into account that the slice is much less than 100 grams. For example, the value of a piece of boiled sausage is only 36 kcal, and the smoked sausage is about 60. We will combine all the data obtained. It turns out that the maximum caloric value of a sandwich will be 270 kcal, and the minimum - 135.

Sandwich with sausage and cheese: caloric content

What if you decided to treat yourself with cheese as well?Such a sandwich will be doubly nutritious, since cheese, like a sour milk product, contains a sufficient amount of protein. Actually, like fat. Therefore, a sandwich with sausage and cheese calorie content will be high. On average, the energy value of this sour-milk product will be 300 kcal per 100 grams, if you do not take into account the dietary tofu.

how many calories in a sandwich with sausage
One piece will be somewhere around 11 grams.Hence, to the calories that we calculated above, it is worth adding another 30 kcal. It turns out that a sandwich with cheese and sausage will cost you as much as 300 calories, minimally - in 165. And this is about 10-15% of the daily rate. A couple of three sandwiches a day - and a full dinner can be forgotten. To all other flour, exactly, like sausages, are fast carbohydrates. After cleavage, they turn into fat. And, therefore, very soon have to say goodbye to a thin waist and elastic stomach.


Now, knowing the calorie content is so simple and,it would seem, a small dish as sandwiches, you can safely decide: include them in your diet or abstain. In the end, bread can be replaced with less calorie bread, and sausage - natural meat, for example, chicken breast. The benefits will be much greater, and the extra pounds on the stomach and sides will not overshadow your existence. Approaching proper nutrition thoroughly, do not allow to rush into your life rash snacks.