/ Strawberries and cream: description of the recipe

Strawberries and cream: description of the recipe

This dessert is considered the most romantic of allknown in the world of cooking. If you want to make a real impression on a partner make a strawberry with cream will be the most correct of all the solutions. In addition, the treat is unusually simple in preparation.

Strawberries with cream - favorite treatthe majority of both children and adults. A peculiar, unusually sweet and at the same time fresh taste of delicacy can not be repeated. Thanks to an incredibly successful combination of the main ingredients, in the world cuisine a variety of desserts are created based on strawberries with cream. In the season of fresh berries sweet tooth should certainly be pampered with this magnificent treat.

Favorite delicacy.

How is the treat prepared?

The main thing is to whip quality and correctlycream. First they are well cooled. For this, the product is kept in the refrigerator for several hours. Then the cream is poured into a bowl, previously also cooled with cold water or ice. Next, the cream is whipped into a thick, thick foam, using a mixer (this is simpler) or the usual whisk (which is a little longer and more difficult). The product should be approximately doubled.

Then, whilst continuing to beat, sugar powder and vanillin are added to it. Sugar powder confectioners recommend sprinkle and the strawberry itself - before you put on it whipped cream.

Variant of submission.

Strawberry recipe with cream: ingredients

For the preparation of goodies use:

  • Strawberries - 300 g;
  • 100 g of cream;
  • 50 g of sugar.
Dessert serving.

How to cook?

Strawberries with cream are prepared this way:

  1. Fresh berries are washed, dried and saved from greens.
  2. In a bowl combine cream with sugar. If used cream cream, sugar is best replaced with powder, which should be introduced gradually.
  3. Then, with the help of a mixer, they are beaten, using first small and then large turns.
  4. Then you should prepare the crochets. To dessert decorate in a particularly beautiful way, the master recommends using low glass beakers.
  5. Then half of the whipped cream is laid out on the kremanki (or glass cups). The berries are placed in the form of a hill in the center. On top of them spread the remaining cream.

The dessert is ready! Bon Appetit!

Option of decorating goodies.

About the features of serving

To serve this unusually tasty and at the same time simple delicacy, there are many other diverse ways. Dessert is served as follows:

  • stack in a glass or a kremanku beautiful layers;
  • The ingredients are served separately so that consumers can independently mix strawberries with cream;
  • the berries are ground and mixed with a creamy mass;
  • use dessert as a filling for waffles or pancakes;
  • construct strawberry "snowman" or simply decorate with cream of cream every berry;
  • Serve strawberries portionwise, like a banquet, using special spoons or tartlets.

Creative design will turn an ordinary dessert from strawberries and cream into a truly delicious treat.


Croissant "Strawberries with cream"

A croissant with strawberries is served with coffee in bed as a romantic breakfast. Ingredients necessary for cooking:

  • two croissants without a filling;
  • 100 g of custard strawberry cream.

How to cook?

Ready-made (purchased in-store) croissants without filling are cut in half. Smear them with a custard (ready) and spread pieces of fresh berries. Voilà!


About the computer game

It turns out that croissants with deliciousfiller - strawberries with whipped cream - you can cook not only in reality, but also virtually. Every day more and more popularity is gained by the culinary game called "My Coffee House: Recipes and Histories".

Gamers call it one of the most interestingknown games. According to reviews, you become involved in it and begin to feel yourself the owner of your own, albeit virtual, but still very nice cafe. According to the conditions, players, among other things, must prepare a variety of delicious dishes, the recipes of which must be found. Among the proposed tasks - and the preparation of a dessert loved by many, croissants with strawberries and cream.