Classic recipe tiramisu

"Ducal soup" - Italian dessert, createdcooks at the court of the Duke of the Medici in the VII century. "Take me up" or Tiramisu became his transformed names. To date, this delicacy refers to the most delicious desserts of the world. It is offered in almost every café, however, the true taste of Tiramisu can be enjoyed only in good restaurants that follow the whole procedure of its preparation, without replacing the original ingredients.

The Italian recipe for tiramisu includes the following ingredients:
- Mascarpone cheese,
- cognac or liquor,
- coffee (espresso),
- dry porous cookies (at home - biscuit).
It should be noted that it will not be possible to recreate the Italian masterpiece with 100% quality, as it will have to be content with its modification.

In this case, the variant Tiramisua la russe or simply a recipe for dessert "Tiramisu in Russian". Most recipes are based on the use of eggs, but some craftsmen can do without them.

First, consider the recipe for tiramisu, which uses eggs. Beforehand, you need to stock Savoyardi's cookies or cook it at home.

For the preparation of dry porous cookiesit is necessary to beat two eggs with ¼ cup sugar, mix the vanilla sugar and mix. Separately, prepare a mixture of flour, baking powder and starch. It is added to the first mixture and whipped again in a mixer. As a result, you will get a dough, which must be transferred to a confectionery bag, and then small sticks are squeezed out of it into a baking tray. The dishes are pre-lubricated with butter or margarine. Mini-biscuits bake no more than 12 minutes in the oven, after which they cool.

For its execution, start with grinding 6yolks with sugar. After the mass has become homogeneous, 0.45 kg of Mascarpone cheese, Marsala wine is added to it and everything is again mixed in the most careful way. In parallel, whisk 6 whites and add them to the mixture. So get the cream.

Recipe for dessert tiramisu suggestsuse of very strong and sweet coffee, preferably espresso. Fresh brewed coffee (glass) is cooled and mixed with wine. In this mixture very quickly dipped freshly prepared cookies, laying it on the bottom of the dishes, which will be served a cake.

On the laid out cookies spread part of the cream,aligning it so that the next impregnated layer of pastry can be laid over. Then spread the rest of the cream, also leveling its surface. It should be noted that every layer of it should be covered with a lot of chocolate chips.

Recipe tiramisu in Russian performance requireshourly aging of the resulting multilayer consistency in the refrigerator. Then dessert can be safely served on the table, without forgetting to sprinkle it with bitter cocoa powder.

Such ingredients as Marsala wine and cheeseMascarpone can be replaced by simpler Amaretto liquor and fatty sour cream, respectively. Replacing the Tiramisu recipe even more from the true, but the dessert is still very delicious.

Tiramisu recipe without eggs also has the right to exist. However, without eggs there will be cream, and savoyardi cookies are prepared according to the recipe already mentioned above.

For cream you need cream, cheese, sugar.Cold cream is knocked down to get "flaccid peaks". Cheese is beaten with sugar, and preferably with powdered sugar. In the second mixture, add half the whipped cream, and then gently mix at the lowest speed. Then add the remaining cream and mix again.

The subsequent procedure for the preparation of tiramisu is a recipe without eggs, which is already described.

To create this culinary masterpiece you needtry to get as close to the original method of cooking and most importantly - do not replace the ingredients to feel all the taste range that the Italian confectioners tried to convey to the Grand Duke of Medici.