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Seabass in the oven - how to cook this fish?

Fish dishes are useful and tasty.Even the adherents of strict diets do not refuse to fish, and for those who simply aspire to a healthy diet, it is generally difficult to imagine their diet without it. One of the most delicious fish is seabass, also known as sea wolf and laurac. This fish is prepared very, very simply. Prepare seabass is best in the oven.

Sea bass in the oven

Living in the wild habitat of fish areimpressive - with a weight of 15 kilograms - and reach a length of about a meter. In the same food used fish, grown artificially. They are not so great, but their meat is very juicy and tender, without small bones. Seabass in the oven is a dish that occurs even in the restaurant menu. The cost of it will please not everyone, so it's better to learn how to cook fish at home.

So, how to cook seabass fish as much as possibledelicious? You will need several fish, lemon, fresh herbs, celery, spices and salt to taste. Rinse the carcass thoroughly, clean all scales and gut them. You can buy already gutted sea bass to simplify your task. Cut the fins and clean the gills. You can leave only the head and tail, but this is not necessary. Sift the fish with salt, spices, pour lemon juice. Take care that it does not get bones from the lemon, because they can then give the dish bitterness. Leave the carcass for a quarter of an hour - marinate. At the end of this time, poultry fish with fresh parsley sprouts and chopped celery stalk, fasten the edges with a toothpick or leave the sea bass so.

How to cook seabass fish
Can also be used as a fillingwedges of lemon. In this case, marinate fish is not necessary, it is enough to prepare a sauce of olive oil, lemon juice and dill greenery, which the carcass is coated inside and out. Seabass in the oven is an ideal cooking option, but you can also grill the fish on the grill. Note that the taste will be quite intense, but all the fat will be drowned. To preserve juiciness, it is better to wrap carcasses in foil or baking parchment, turn on the oven to a temperature of 160 degrees. Seabass in the oven baked quickly. When cooking on the grill the fish will be ready in twenty minutes, and the baking will take about forty-five minutes. The result will surpass all expectations - such a dish is served in good Greek restaurants near the sea! Lovers of smoked foods can add a zest to the dish, adding liquid smoke to the lemon juice during pickling.

The garnish to the baked fish will serve as a salad of vegetables, boiled rice or grilled potatoes. It is necessary to serve a glass of white dry wine to this dish.

Seabass in the oven with spicy sauce

to cook seabass

If you plan to cook fish for somecelebration, keep in mind that every person needs a whole sea-bass carcass, because this fish is not large. Seabass in the oven under caraway sauce is an excellent option for a gala dinner. For its preparation, mix olive oil with fish broth and lemon juice, add cumin and salt. With this sauce you need to water the prepared fish right on the plate. With rice, vegetables and such sausage sauce will turn out simply magnificent.